23 November 2007

Dance Dance REVOlution post Thanksgiving Party!!!

So after the turkey dinner this is how we threw down!!!

Paula & James

21 November 2007

Sidenote Sally...

So my sister calls me Sidenote Sally sometimes because I always throw in some side notes....this one is for the decoration pictures. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can display them instead of on those silly tables that are actually T.V. trays with fabric over them. Just let me know, thanks guys!
The Temple picture we made at the Super Saturday activity!

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Our Christmas decorations, well some of them. Besides the house these are the ones I made at the Super Saturday Stacy, Alicia, and I snuck into. Everything was so easy to make, it was exciting!

Sidenote, this Santa my Mom gave me.

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This was our trip to the San Tan Mall in Gilbert. It was a blast. Matt and Matthew were dressing Grace up in these clothes, I do believe they enjoyed it more then her.

You might not be able to tell but there is a water feature thing behind us that we tried to get in the picture.
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This is what our bedroom looks like, we did some major cleaning today for the holidays and now everything looks so nice!
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This is a fun collage I made on Picasa! I plan to put more pictures up then only Wedding pictures but I never get on to our computer at home anymore and don't have pictures on my work computer! I guess you all will have to wait paitently!
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06 November 2007


Matt and his Dad made our headboard. It was so easy for them since Matt's Dad Sean has so many tools. It actually turned out so good and we loved it. It made our room a whole new atmosphere. Before Matt and I got married he lived n his own in his condo up in Anthem. He had more then enough furniture which I am so great full for and happy with but some of it is broken like our bed. Now that we have a new headboard it makes being in our room so fun not to mention easy to kept looking clean!

04 November 2007

Wedding Day

These are a few of our wedding pictures. We had so much fun and everything went so well! The day couldn't have been any better

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Wedding Pictures

These are a few of our pictures from the wedding. Don't we look so happy? It was so much fun and we loved every second of it and how smoothly it all went!