29 September 2008

He got his Call

Elder Bair ...my brother... has been called to serve the Washington Kennewick Mission, Spanish speaking. He reports December 17th!

Congrats Dude!

23 September 2008

Allison's B-Day + Dalton's Blessing

We enjoyed heading down to San Diego a couple Sunday's ago for the blessing of Dalton Foote. He was such a sweetheart and slept for most of the day. Allison also enjoyed her birthday!

We had tried to take pictures of Emily at the San Diego temple but she was way more impressed by the flowers and not the camera.

This teeter totter was at the house we had the some lunch at after the blessing. Matt really enjoyed this!

16 September 2008

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

My little but taller brother has turned his papers in! He expects them back within three weeks! My Older but shorter sister, Stacy, has set up a poll to for people to guess where he is going! Check out her page HERE.
Even if you don't know him go guess! It's fun. My Dad says the winner of the poll gets to pay for the WHOLE mission! Good Luck!

03 September 2008


Orange Coast College

School has officially started but I haven't. Basically what happened was I thought school started on Tuesday just like the Universities. Nope, it started last week on Monday. So when I found out I was gonna be able to go it was too late to register and I needed to talk to my teacher. I am only going to take one class since I only need 2 before I can apply to California State Long Beach. That one class is probably the hardest class I have ever taken....Anatomy. On Tuesday I woke up and headed out to my car and the battery was dead. No big deal I've got cables and I was fine. So I get to school a little late but only to find out that the class had been canceled for the day due to the holiday on Monday but I was told the lab was still going. I wait for the hour and half until then. I had a few things to take car of like getting out of taking placement tests. I got to the lab to find out it was canceled and there was an open lab. I talked to the TA b/c there was no professor. She was so helpful and gave me all the paperwork told me a few things about the school and taught me a few things I had missed. I still have to go tomorrow and ask the professor if I can get in the class. (Cross your fingers) I have been studying for a quiz tomorrow b/c I will need all the help I can get. I am hoping that since this is my ONLY class I can stay on top of it.

So I am finally done after a long and hot day and I go out to my car and the battery is dead again! I was ticked and so stressed a few tears came down.

Trip to Arizona

Last weekend we went to Arizona. We attempted to surprise my family but I'm not sure anyone was actually surprised. You see I love to surprise people, always have, but since I always have no one really gets surprised. Basically I get all excited for nothing.

SO we drove down with our good friends the Fullers on Thursday and just about died in a monster wind storm. Matt thought it would be a good idea to golf on Friday with his family. I choose to stay home and enjoy air conditioning. Do you blame me? We went shopping, enjoyed Lifetime's pool, enjoyed delicious home cooked meals from the Pobst's and Bair's, celebrated 2 birthday's, took Pobst family pictures, and finally excepted being allergic to dogs.

Allison actually golfed, she wasn't on the phone the whole time. I just liked this picture of her!

A little break for a photo opp I guess.

This is Matt's serious pose.

I realized that if we ever move back to Arizona, its going to be in October or November so I don't die! We didn't take as many pictures as we would have liked, but of course we got a few.

The family picture was taken by Judy Cozza.

Month Long

Starting Today Matt and I are living off our food storage. I know you think we are crazy. But I have been working for a while to get it all in order and I want to make sure we have everything right. We are actually going to be living off our stored water too. (For everything except bathing and washing our hands) So starting today we are not going to be going to the grocery store and we are not going to be going out to eat.

We have a TINY place. So we have food stored in the closet under the bed, behind the bed and behind the couch. We also have some food and out water in the garage. We planned this out a little while ago to do it in September. A few things have come up that have made us want to change the month but we put our foot down and decided we aren't going to be able to choose even this much if a disaster happens.

Wish us Luck!