06 August 2008

HB Photo Shoot!

This photo shoot was done when Stacy and Grace stayed with us the week before San Diego. Isn't Grace just a doll?!?!

When Grace is in the red shirt, these were taken after her nap while Stacy was still napping. Stacy had fallen asleep while reading a book on my bed. Her face was buried in the sheets, I had to check and make sure she was still breathing.

05 August 2008

New Hair

I forgot to mention that while back at my cousins wedding my AWESOME Mother in Law chopped my hair off. I secretly had a heart attack when she did it but I love it now! It curls better and when I'm away from the beach it stays fairly straight. The picture is from when I was Arizona, hence the reason it is SO STRAIGHT!

The reason we went to Arizona was to see my cousin Robin get married. It was so special because she truly married her soul mate! The sealing was amazing, her grandfather was the sealer and it was so special!
The last day in Arizona we did a little photo shoot with Emily. We got some great shots! Alison this was my absolute favorite one of you two. I love the looks on your faces!

I would like to chop my leg off!

I just attempted to walked down the stairs and barely made it! You see I work out with the wonderful ladies from my complex 3 times a week and I really enjoy it! Yesterday we did the hardest workout of my life with the exception of my cross country days. It was hard for strentgh training, but not for cardio!

The order of the day:
25 assisted pull ups
50 box jumps
50 sit-ups
50 birpies (up & downs)
50 sit-ups
50 double unders with a jump rope -- I had the hardest time doing this but I pretty much jumped rope for 5 mins.
25 assisted pull ups

Diana correct me if I missed something here.

Honestly thought, even after taking my 2 weeks of running in high school I was never this sore. So ladies, if you want a honest to goodness hard work out do this! Also, keep in mind we took breaks whenever we needed, the goal was to just finish.


Beach Day 5

Today was our longest beach day. We wanted to make the most of it so we ended up out there from 9 until 6:30 or 7. It was a perfect day, big waves and lots of sun!

Matt, my Chad and Joel (a family friend who goes to the beach with us every year) decided to build a castle. Then it turned into a Mayan Ruin. There were so many walker bys that stopped to take a picture of it I could hardly believe it! One guy even took about 6 pictures with his camera and a family all posed by it and asked us to take their picture! WILD I know, all over a sand castle.

Stacy asked Matt to take a family picture of them at the beach, of course Grace is the hardest person to take a picture of and this is what she ended up doing. Her best pose of the day.

The very last thing we did was wait for the water to take over the castle, while waiting we did a quick photo shoot.
The last thing of the day was eating dinner. Normally on Friday night we got out to eat but we decided to order pizza in. Down Mission Blvd is a pizza shop Luigis. They sell a pizza measured at 36 in. It was Enormous! The pizza was pretty gross but it was hilarious trying ot get the box in the car and through our condo door!

The week went great, we counted up to have close to 50 people there with us all in 4 condos! My Dad decided that this year was the 18 year staying at this beach and I feel they have no desire to change beaches!

01 August 2008

Beach Day 4

Thursday was a fun day. More beach, more surfing, and more eating!

After dinner Matt and I went on a walk down the beach and took some great pictures!

Beach Day 3


Today we went to the San Diego Temple. We went to the bright and early session so we didn't have to miss too much beach time. On our way home we figured out how many temples I have been to since we got married....Mesa, Oaklahoma, Bountiful, Oakland, Newport, and San Diego. Can you believe that? 6 in one year!

The sesion was totally empty which was pretty crazy for me since I'm used to Mesa being so full all the time.

We got home and went straight to the beach, of course, and enjoyed a pretty day at the beach with a few sunny times. So far this week has been a little on the chilly side except the one time I only felt I needed a jacket.

Everyone else in our group started surfing and LOVED it. Someone even went out and bought one from costco. We turne all the beach bums into surf bums.

We also introduced a new game to my cousins. Its one we have played a couple times with different people and loved it. The game is Celebrity Challenge. We got most of my cousins in here and played all night long. They loved it, especially Kevin who acted out Little Mermaid on the ground doing a perfect imitation of a mermaids flapping tail.
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