29 January 2013


Since being potty trained Westin has had his occasional emergency. He doesn't quite understand yet that we can't pull over where ever we are and let him out. Yet, we still have emergencies and we try our hardest to pull over right away. So far, no accident in the car.

March 24, 2012

Our Fun Life.

Westin is learning to enjoy coloring. It only holds his attention span or about 5 minutes.  He then moves over to playing in a box.

Matt and I were crazy enough to attend the midnight showing of Hunger Games with Tyrone and Char. We got there pretty late and ended up sitting in the front row behind the Hatch's. It was interesting for sure. We all had a blast. I made Matt promise me that if we went to the midnight show he would stay home with me and do play group with the boys. He followed through and the boys wished that Matt came every time.

March 23, 2012

Laundry Days.

Even though it makes everything much longer and drawn out Westin loves to help with chores. Laundry is no exception. Plus a little train session in the middle of folded clothes is good too. Westin also loves to help in the kitchen, making treats is of course his favorite.

Surf City Nights, Tuesday night street fair.

March 13, 2012

28 January 2013

Arizona Trip

Westin and I were SO lucky to take a trip to Arizona for Aunt Stacy's baby shower! We stayed at her house and played a couple of days before and after the shower.  Westin was great on the flight and they gave him the best cup with a lid and a straw. We should all get those! When we arrived we headed to the grocery store for some staples but Westin & Grace couldn't be separated. We enjoyed the beautiful weather by taking walks and playing at the park.

Westin helped me with shopping for the part, Costco in Chandler has these scanners you carry around with you to scan each item you pick up. It was exciting and Westin thought it was his new phone. When Grace got out of school we headed to dinner at Bahama Bucks and then to the temple to enjoy the grounds and get a picture.

The shower was so much fun. We had all sorts of delicious treats and NO chocolate.

34 weeks, I think?

While helping Stacy pack, she is moving at the end of March (2012) Westin found a red marker and colored on his face. We were going to be meeting my Grandma for lunch at her favorite place, In n Out, with no time to clean (only time for pictures) we headed out to meet her. Check out this gorgeous picture we got of her. Grandma we will do In n Out anytime!

Gracies angle.

Bounce House

Westin begs to go to the bounce house at least once a week. He rarely will go on the slides or the obstacles, he sticks by the air hockey table or the house that has the balls and basketball hoop. We met Dad there this night and he was so fun to go on the slide with Westin, although if I remember correctly I'm pretty sure that Westin had to be forced onto it and dragged down. As always he had a blast though, not that he was admit to it.

March 7, 2012


We headed to Disneyland with the Bairs. We of course enjoyed every minute, especially when Alicia took all the boys on the lady bug spinning ride. We always have to make a stop at the Playhouse Disney show.

March 6, 2012


After Westin was potty trained and out of his crib we struggled with the bed time routine. He used to love to be in bed. Something about loosing his crib made it impossible for him to calm down and get to sleep. With his brother on the way I was really worried about the fight, we tried everything. (I'm vaguely remembering talking about this before) In March, we tried a sticker chart. If he filled up his chart he got to go golfing at the golf course.

Beach & Ping Pong

March 3rd was a busy day for us. We went to a volleyball tournament down by the pier and afterwards we headed up to the Sundberg's house for Topher's Birthday party and ping pong.
Lots of sun this day, and Westin was pretty bugged he didn't get to play with his Dad. He eventually got his turn though, so no worrying. 

March 3, 2012

More of W.

Westin loves golf right? Well there was a time he was swing his club so much that he gave himself a blister. It was so sad but he kept swinging away no problem.
Once Westin was done with the crib he insisted on sleeping on the floor instead of the bed. He is also learning how to dress himself, doing a  pretty good job at it too!

February 27, 2012

13 January 2013

Bike Rides

We love being able to take bike rides on the beach. We are so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful place. This particular ride Westin rode his bike just about 2 miles.

What do you think happens after that far of a bike ride? You crash hard before you even make it into bed.

February 25, 2012