25 February 2009

BYU 69 SDSU 59

Tuesday night Matt and I went to the BYU vs. SDSU Basketball game. A bunch of people Matt works with went and his sister came with her husband and in laws! It was such a fun night. We WON which was such an excitement since we made the drive down for it!

When we first walked in we noticed this group of guys dressed in white shirts, ties and helmets .... I'm not too sure what was going on?

Allison and I ore the same shirt. She got the shirt for me for my birthday last June.

Tonight was also a first for me. I got sick from the drive. Now this isn't new and my family can atest to that but you see when we pulled over and I was doing my business on the side of the road the Highway Patrol stop. I have never had the police pull over bcause I was throwing up. They actually asked if we were drinking and if the driver was drinking. Matt told them that we don't drink and then I said I'm pregnant. I do want to say that I didn't throw up because I was pregnant except that since being pregnant my car sickness has gotten way worse. It's actually annoying.

23 February 2009

Lets go back a little bit ...

Let me take you back to Christmas time. Well even further, to Thanksgiving. This is when Matt and I found out we were pregnant! We decided not to tell anyone yet since I was only 4 weeks pregnant. So we waited until we were back to Arizona for Christmas to tell our families. We told my family before my brother left on his mission and Matt's family when all his siblings were in town.

We handed everyone an envelope with this picture in it.
Telling my family was hilarious because Grace, my niece, was told I was holding a "pee stick" and she continued to ask me about it. "What is it?" ... "Where does it go?" ... "Can I have one" ... She continued to talk about it in to the next week.

While I was in Arizona I was sick. Very sick, but I learned how to control it. All I had to do was eat. The weirdest thing is having to eat when you are nauseous. This is why I lost so much weight while there.

When we got back, we had a doctors appointment where we got this ultra sound.
This is when I was 9 weeks. This was so exciting for Matt and I. We were able to hear the heart beat! I totally cried, which is normal these days.

Now I am 16 weeks, due August 6. I am feeling better but still have some bad spells and I get headaches constantly.

I don't really have a prego belly, just not the normal belly look.

I have an appointment this week and I will be scheduling the ultra sound to find out the gender! So hopefully in the next couple of weeks!

We are thrilled! We couldn't be more excited for baby Pobst to enter our life's!

Friday Night Date

There is nothing like a Friday night with my sweetheart, Root Beer Floats and a few of our favorite shows.

17 February 2009

Weekend Fun

Matt and I had a great weekend. It was filled with eating, eating and more eating. My Brother Scott and his wife Alicia came into town from Thursday night till Tuesday morning. It was such a great visit and we CAN'T wait for them to come back!

We started the trip out with a visit to the Newport Beach Temple, it was so beautiful there as always!

After the temple we starving so we made a stop at one of our favorite burger joints. TK Burger. I just love their fries and the sauce they make to go with it! Of course it started pouring rain so we just headed home and took a nap. Of course this was after we had to change and put multiple layers of clothes on, it was FREEZING this weekend!

Later that night we headed out to our favorite Frozen Yogurt place. Yo Yum Yum. We love taking our guests there so of course we had to take Scott and Alicia there! They loved it. I think maybe more then Matt and I. They both got bigger cups then us and ate it all! I'm not sure they stopped thinking about this place the whole weekend!

The next day we headed down to Laguna Beach. Matt and I love it down there because its so pretty. The beach is lined with cliffs so it seems a little more intimate.
Here is Alicia at 27 weeks. Doesn't she look so cute!
We definitely had a fun weekend and this was not the end.

10 February 2009

It's Raining it's Pouring!

Today it is finally sunny out! Since last Wednesday it has rained everyday! Its not just any rain, it was coming down really hard! I think the worst is over, but its supposed to come back this weekend again!

Last night we finally broke down and turned the heater on. Matt decided to close all the doors so that the living room would get all the heat. However when we decided to go to bed I opened the door and it was FREEZING! Matt said it was like an ice chest. Even the carpet was cold to stand on!

Other than that, not much has really been going on! We can't wait until my brother and his wife come over for the weekend. I better bring the camera so we have something to blog about!

Hope life is great!