22 December 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday MATT!!!
December 23 1980. 27 years ago my sweetheart was born! Happy birthday Matt!
I hope you have a wonderful day, and I especially hope you love your presents!
Matt is so special to me, he is always so patient with me! 
 - He tries so hard to look past my bad moods in the morning when he wakes up at 6:30 and I want to sleep in until 8 or 9.  
 - He works so hard to keep my stress levels down. He can tell when I am getting to tense and calms me down so I don't get a headache or sick!
 - He will do anything for me! He makes me laugh!
 - He makes everyone around him laugh. He can brighten up a dark room and he can make anyone like him!

21 December 2007

Chakc out the DJ, he is th eone doing the splits on the dance floor! The DJ was really good, I even got Matt to dance that night! He loves when I pull him on the floow and there is no one else out there with us!

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20 December 2007

Aaron's Soccer Game

Westview played Red Mountain today and we got to go see the little man play. He did pretty good. Though, after the game, he was crying about someone takling him and hurting his leg. I'll have to get some of the magic spray for next game. We weren't able to stick around for the Varsity game because we went to the John Schmidt concert. It was pretty amazing. My dad wasn't so pumped to be going, but my mom felt like he needed to be more cultured.
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Patrick turns 27!!!

Thats our boy turning 27. Everyone post their favorite Patrick nickname. Chin is reserved for Troy.

Sunglass Hut

So today I went shopping for Matt. I love him but at this time I can't afford to but him sunglasses. His birthday is on Sunday December 23 and obviously Christmas. I really wanted to get him sunglasses cause he needs them and always looses them. I stopped in Sunglass Hut to see what they had to offer. I told the lady that he looses them all the time, she said "ok" to me acknowledging she needed to find some cheap ones. The first pair we looked at she said they have a warranty and were cheap so if he lost them it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I don't remember the brand but you wouldn't believe how much she said was cheap..... $109.45. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???? I couldn't, I didn't say anything cause obviously she had a little bit more money then me, not sure how, she works for the Sunglass Hut! Every pair after that first one was at least $100 most of them $200! I had no idea this store was so expensive!

I got Matt a lot of cute things, can't tell ya yet cause he reads this! Sorry Babe! :) I need to get a few more things for his stocking but that is about it! Anybody have any CrAzY Christmas stories?

19 December 2007

Christmas Time!

Holiday Favorites!!

1. Favorite winter beverage? Not sure, I'm not too found of super hot drinks....
2. Favorite Christmas candy? Spearmint Candy Canes
3. Favorite candy cane flavor? color? Spearmint
4. Favorite Christmas cookie? Sugar Cookies
5. Favorite Christmas song? To Sing - All I Want for Christmas is You To Listen To - ....
6. Favorite Christmas movie? The Polar Express
7. Favorite Christmas story? The Night Before Christmas
8. Favorite Christmas colors? Red, White, Light Blue, & Silver
9. Actual color scheme for your decor? Random
10. Favorite Christmas tradition? As a kid - Celebrating Christmas Eve at my parents house, usually with 30-40 people there. It was mostly my Dads side of the family and Some random people my Mom would invite over With your own family - So far, we have put up Christmas decorations, and now we have lights on our house!
11. Tree topper - star, Angel, other? Star
12. Christmas lights display at your house? Colorfull big bulbs and white small bulbs.
13. Favorite holiday icon collection - Santa, Nativity, Snowmen - Variety - we have a little bit of everything.
14. Christmas card - picture, letter? SO far we have only done an e-mail....it was a lot of fun to write.
15. What is more fun for you White Elephant or Draw secret Santa names? I think secret Santa is more fun, I love trying to figure out who everyone has.
16. Tree - real or fake, pre-lit, green or flocked? Our first Christmas, I actually inherited my Grandmas tree, it is about 7.5 feet tall and very full. I love it!
17. Which is better in your opinion - surprises galore or being sneaky and peeking? Sneaky and peeking, I even told Matt if he put the presents under the tree yet I would peek for sure. I have held back but its so HARD!!!
18. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Wrapping Paper!!
19. When do you put up the tree? I want to be sure to do it right after thanksgiving. I love having the decorations up for the longest time possible.
20. When do you take the tree down? After the New Year.
21. Do you like eggnog?? I don't think I have ever tried it.
22. Favorite gift received as a child? I mostly got clothes for Christmas, which I loved, but nothing else really stands out....flat iron, trampoline. I was really good at guessing presents...I actually guessed my parents were going to get us a trampoline.
23. Hardest person to buy for? Matt or Dad, anything I get my Dad he could get himself if he wanted it, and he already has everything he needs or could want.
24. Easiest person to buy for? Stacy.
25. When do you start shopping for Christmas?this year we got Matt's parents gift in June.
26. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay Home!!
27. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vincent, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, & Rudolf.
28.. Most annoying thing about this time of year? It all goes by way too fast!

18 December 2007


So today I worked all day, well I guess I should I was at my office all day. Some days I don't have a lot to do so I surf the internet or watch some TV shows. Today, Stacy was supposed to tutor for a little girl named Stephanie who is super cute! The family never showed up so Stacy got paid to hang out with me for a while. Hopefully the girl comes on Thursday!

This evening a friend from our ward let us borrow some Christmas lights to put on our house! It looks so good, but we aren't finished so you'll have to wait a few days to see them. By the way, it is FREEZING outside! and it is 68 degrees in our house!!!

I really love to watch shows like Law & Order and CSI. Law and Order SVU is my favorite, I now have Matt hooked and he watches it when I'm not home. They always have marathons on USA so we can watch them just about every night. Sometimes I think about how much fun and how interesting it would be to become a detective or a crime scene investigator.

Life is good, keep the reason for the season in your hearts and minds!

Gingerbread House Party....

This is the House making party we had at my sister in law Alicia's House. It was so much fun, my Mom, Grandma, and sister were there too! Notice the silly look on my Mom's face in the middle left picture, I am not sure what it is from but it is still hilarious! What are your Christmas traditions?

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12 December 2007

Foggy Day

Here is our home with a little fog / dew / rain on the shrubbery.

Here is our little misty street

A branch that was lightly kissed with dew!!!

The sun finally comes out and shines on the flowers.

Tough day for the spider who seems to only have water and no bugs!!!

Westview State Championship Game!!!

Had to go support the ol' Alma Mater in their first appearance at the State Championship. Great to see my little bro in action working all the high school hotties. Even better was seeing my parents reaction.

03 December 2007

Boston...June Trip

Our trip to Boston was so much fun...It rained the whole day and nothing like we see in Arizona, it was real rain! The very next day was sunny and a little warm! It was a great trip!

01 December 2007


Everyyear of Matt's life his mom gave him and his siblings each an ornament to represent the year. I thought that was the coolest idea! I can't wait to do that with ours and now we have a tree full of ornaments!
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Our First Christmas Photo

So, Matt really loves this blog thing and he decided we should do a post for everyday in December and with that we he wanted us to do something worth blogging about everyday. He is so cute! We love our tree and it fits perfectly in our window! The tree is courtesy of Grandma Bair!

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"About Us"

  • Married 7 Months (December 5)
  • Gilbert
  • Nursery Leaders for the 2-3 year old Kids
  • School
  • Tutor
  • Nanny Placement Coordinator
  • Fun Times
  • Defend Your Castle

Matt and I are enjoying life in Gilbert with family so close and we love living by all the new developments out here. I am finishing up the semester at Chandler Gilbert and in the Spring I will be at ASU taking Exercise and Wellness classes! I also work for a company called College Nannies & Tutors as a tutor for reading and as the Nanny Placement Coordinator, where I place nannies with families. Its lots of fun and I really love it! Matt is currently looking for work and enjoying being the Homemaker, he cooks and cleans all while he defends his castle! We love our ward although we don't know too many of them since we are in the Nursery, we do LOVE that though. Matt is so good with all the kids, last week Brett (the cutest kid) ran into class and jumped on Matt. They love to wrestle with him and he basically lets them do whatever they want. We are really going to miss the kids when they move on to sunbeams but we are excited for the group of kids to play with.

I think that just about sums us up, basically we play, play, play while I do homework and work!