30 March 2009

A full weekend of FUN!

Our weekend was so fun and packed! We started it off with a trip to Disneyland.

Doesn't my hair look fancy! We had just gotten off Splash Mountain and were in line for the Haunted Mansion. The park was packed and we walked around all of California Adventure and didn't ride anything because the lines were too long.

Then on Saturday Morning we washed our cars, the were in desperate need.

We then added shelves to our closet so now all our shoes are off the floor!

Then we headed down to the beach and couldn't believe how many people were there. It was such an awesome day and everyone knew it!

We took a break and watched a movie, then got ready to go out on a DATE! we went to Maggiano's. It was such a delicious place. Probably my new favorite.

23 March 2009

Bair Family Reunion

First of all I wanted to say we were said we missed some people, hopefully these pictures will help show everyone how much fun we had!

The weather was great, I would have had it a little cooler and maybe not so dry but it was still fun!

3 Legged Race

The Kevin Bair Family

My Mom, Dad, Uncle and Cousin Alex. They were the first to go and the slowest!
Matt and I kicked some trash!

Stacy and Scott started off good .... then it looks like Stacy just about peed her pants!
Grace was really excited to do it at first, but during the race she had a hard time!

We also had to run with an egg on a spoon. The initial rules were we had to spin around a bat, apparently the Bair family can't handle a little motion.

The time on our camera waited about a second before it took a picture, then it would take 3. Matt had to sprint to get back to us and I apparently thought it was hilarious!

p.s. Everyone looks wet because the first games we played involved water. I'm still working on those pictures. Hopefully I'll have them up soon!

20 March 2009

Half Way

We have reached a HUGE milestone! I am half way through this pregnancy! The actual day was yesterday, March 20.

I have felt the baby many many times, but last night was crazy! He kept moving until I was finally able to fall asleep. I can't wait to go home this weekend so my family can feel him moving.

Everyday the baby bump looks different. Yesterday I was much bigger!

13 March 2009

We have Ear to Ear Smiles!

We headed out to the doctor this morning and I had to go to the bathroom so badly! Why do they do that to you?

The big news is.....


I looked at Matt right after she said it and his grin was seriously from ear to ear. He couldn't be happier. I am very happy too! Well here's to blue blue blue for the next couple of years!
We didn't get the best pictures, but this is his face.
When we first saw the ultra sound, I saw his arm but it looked like it wasn't attached to anything, I was pretty worried! Its so crazy, cause you can everything. The heart was beating and the bones were so visible! Especially the spine! I loved it!

11 March 2009

Story Time

Grace and I enjoyed story time at the Library on Tuesday.

I am so happy she was able to come hang out with us. She was such a good girl it was AMAZING! She was sick so that made for long nights, but I tell ya I hope our baby takes good naps like Grace because that was such a relief to have a little bit of a break. I'm REALLY going to miss her and I wish she was old enough to fly out to see me every month!

So what do you think the baby is going to be. I have no idea and Matt is dying for a boy but thinks its a girl.

09 March 2009

Mom & Dad for a few days

We are thrilled that Grace decided to hang out with us Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunatly she's been a little sick so thats made it hard. In fact, she didn't get a great nights sleep last night and this is what happened in the middle of the day.

She loves cuddling with her Uncle Matt and really loves are the neighborhood kids.

Hopefully tonight she will get a better nights sleep so we can have an AWESOME day tomorrow!

P.S. Matt and I go into the doctor on Friday to find out what our baby is!