27 September 2010

Splash Pad

Westin and I headed to a splash pad with Rebecca, Isaiah and Ashlynn.  

It was Westins first trip in his new carseat, I don't think he really enjoyed the change. He likes it now though.

This is what He could have been doing....

this is what he did do

He watched the guys play with the basketball.

We finally got him to pay attention to the big cement ball inside the fence. 

19 September 2010

He's One!

I can't believe it, he is one and still going! 

We had a few celebrations and I don't think he even noticed.

Since he is allergic to dairy I made him a dairy free cake with dairy free frosting. That's why it looks so interesting. 

He decided the cake was gross and that he wanted a birthday otter pop instead. Whatever you want baby boy!

All of Westins buddies who come to celebrate the day! 

When we took Westin in for his one year check up we got all his stats.

21.4 pounds
30 inches.

At one year Westin isn't walking but walks around furniture. He doesn't like to walk while we are holding his hands, he'd much rather crawl. If he likes it he eats it! Thank goodness for that because the no dairy thing and no peanuts thing really throws you off. He has a new friend and its a stuffed dog. He plays with fetch with it and loves to hug it. He signs eat, more, dad and dog (which dad and dog he does the same thing and the wrong thing) He only has a pacifier while he is sleeping, when I go into his room to get him up and throws his pacifier to the floor without me saying anything. Unless he woke up too early for some unknown reason (HATE when that happens) 

We love this guy so much. He seriously makes me smile everyday for a new reason!

14 September 2010

An Allergy or Two

I'm pretty sure I've said before that we know Westin is allergic to Dairy. We only tried a few times but every time his reaction would get worse. Only hives but they seemed to bother him more and more.  

The first beach day in San Diego Matt went home to work for the day and come back the next (of course he was gone for a scary time). My family had just headed back to the beach from lunch and I planned to put Westin to sleep in a pack 'n' play. Normally an easy thing, you give him his blanket and a pacifier and he is good to go. NOT THIS TIME. He was very uncomfortable and unhappy and so was I. I got more and more frustrated. He wouldn't sleep, he wouldn't play, and he wouldn't stay in my arms. I had enough and walked back to the condo. Some how I noticed he had some hives on his stomach. I pull his shirt and saw hives all over his body. Not on his face, arms or legs but mostly his belly, chest, back and diaper area. I first though he had a reaction to sunblock. Then I realized it was everywhere but the sunblock area. ( This is getting really long) He was screaming and I was bawling and my Mom was trying to do whatever. I finally gave him benedryl and rubbed cortizone cream on him. It started to help after about 10 mins. 
This picture is from after everything calmed down. and it looks much better then it had.

I took him for a walk to fall asleep and then he slept for 2.5 hours and woke up looking like this. It looked like he had been scared but it went away by that night.

We don't know what caused it and never will but I hope it never happens again. It was too sad to see my baby in such pain and I couldn't help him. Worse then watching shots.

The next week he had his one year check up and we were able to get the doctor to draw bloood and do an allergy test.  The results came in with him being highly allergic to egg whites, dairy and peanuts. He will most likely grow out of the dairy and egg whites but not the peanuts. We now carry around benedryl and an EPI pen(very very scary thought).  We haven't had any real issues since but we have been so careful. 

08 September 2010

San Diego 2010

We had so much fun in San Diego this year. Great place, great people and great food!
It was pretty cold the first few days but it warmed up. I'm not sure any of the Arizona people were complaining too much though. I'm pretty sure they don't go for heat. 

First of all, lets thanks these 2 wonderful people for making it all happen! 

Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Every Tuesday night they do family night at Belmont Park.  It was Westins first time enjoying the rides and his cousin Zack took him. 

Grandpa and Logan were inseparable. They love each other. Logan would calm right down if Grandpa held him. 

A few crazies on the roller coaster

Westin loved being at the beach all day every day. He jumped right in and helped with the hole digging.

I always look at the people who get buried and feel bad for them.  I think its so uncomfortable to have all that sand EVERYWHERE!  Somehow Matt got roped into it. 

The cousins playing in the hole full of water. They were waiting for the waves to come rolling in and getting them wet. 

We celebrated Westin's first birthday in San Diego. We had to make a dairy free cake and frosting for the little man. He wouldn't eat it anyway. We should have had otter pops for his treat.

Westin throwing the tissue paper out of the way and his favorite persent by far was the ball. Always the ball.

Logan was all smiles. That kid would laugh at anything and it was such a hoot to get him going.

The boys were playing on the chair together so we yelled for Grace to come over and join them fot eh cousin picture. 

The out-takes.

Most of the group. Actually this is only a small portion of the group but have you ever tried to heard a group of cows?

Just for fun.

03 September 2010

Extra Fun with Emily and Family

The very last day Emily was here we met up with her and her Mom (Aunt Allison) at Irvine Spectrum to eat lunch and play in some water.

Westin found a ball right away so he followed that thing everywhere. Otherwise I'm not sure he would have wanted to play in it.

He did have a blast with the spraying turtules

I'm sure he was plotting ways to get Grandma wet.

I don't know where Emily is in all of our pictures. She may have been eating ice cream.