28 March 2012

Golf & Friends

Enjoying the present from Grandpa Pobst. My boy is easily entertained by golf balls in a bucket.

Every night after bath time Westin gets wrapped up and he is either Mommy's baby or Daddy's and we hold him just like a baby for about 5 seconds until he is off to the next adventure on his to-do list.

One morning we met up with some friends at the mall to ride the carousal.  We met Logan, Grayson, Tyler, Jill and Griffin.  Can you believe Westin used to freak out on the carousal?

December 30, 2011

25 March 2012


All the presents were wrapped, looks like too many of them. Westin had a big gift waiting for him from Santa, a wooden train set. We found a great set for him on Craigslist, or Grandma Pobst did. Christmas Eve was spent with the Bair family. It was a very quiet night but we managed to get some wrestling Mary & Josephs which made everyone laugh so hard they cried.

Santa also brought Westin a big kite, his little helpers were seting it up for him. I'm not even sure he cared much about it once he saw his trains.


Happy Birthday Daddy

Westin loved looking at the Christmas lights on the houses so we took a night to go see them. He got to sit in the front seat with Mom and oh & aw over everything. His favorite was if there was a character in the yard.

One night after dinner I was feeling especially large, here is the baby at 22.5 weeks. Much bigger then last time.

We celebrated Daddy's birthday on the 23rd. He went skiing in Flagstaff with his siblings and Justin and we were able to have ice cream and presents for him that night. I don't even remember what we got him but he loved them I'm sure. Can't believe he is 31!

December 23, 2011

Santa & Trains

Christmas was in Arizona again! It was our last one with Uncle Aaron for 2 years so it was a special one. We spent a couple of days with Grandma & Grandpa Bair and Uncle Matthew. Westin doesn't eat very many varities of food but he sure does love his fruit. He pulled the bowl over and helped himself to more then half of it!

At Grandma and Grandpa Pobst's house we hung out with Enemy & Lyyyla (Emily & Lyla)

First on the agenda was go to see Santa and ride the train at McCormick Ranch. We had to take a couple of cars and Westin always chooses his Grandparents over his parents, we got lucky with Aunt Camille. While there Aunt Stacy, Uncle Matthew and Grace met us. Westin was very unsure of Santa this time but if I was with him he was saying hi and giving him a hi five. I wish I wouldn't have but I put him on Santas lap and he was very upset. Everything was better once we gave him his candy cane though.




















Cubs & Parades

For a little while Westin was coming with me to Cub Scouts, he loves it of course. He just stares at the boys and watches their every move. This particular meeting we were decorating sugar cookies. Westin didn't do any decorating but he loved to eat the non frosted ones. Below are some of the boys creations, I think they look disgusting. I wonder if any of them actually ate them when they got home.

I'm not postitive but I'm pretty sure Westin just hurt Logan and he was telling him sorry by kissing and hugging him. Please notice the shorts over the pants.

We were lucky enough to be invited to go watch and participate. We rode along on a boat in the parade. Westin loved it! We had some dinner & dessert, cuddled under a blanket and even got to drive the boat!


December 14, 2011

Golfing in Rainboots.

For two years in a row we have made salsa for our neighbor Christmas gifts. Its easy and yummy! although I don't think we have done the same recipe each year, we just kind of wing it.

Westin woke up pretty early for him one morning and ended up back asleep on the couch for a few hours. One hting I am VERY greatful for is his ability and love for sleeping.

That same day it was raining, so of course we put our rain boots to good use. He finally agreed to a jacket if he could golf. He loves to his the ball out of a puddle.


December 12, 2011
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