07 December 2010


Before Westin was born his Uncle Aaron bought him some Jordan's. As soon as he could walk we would put him in them. At first it was pretty hard for him to walk in them but he quickly adjusted.

New Kicks from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

Between the shoes and Westin's love for anything with a ball we decided he should be a basketball player for Halloween. Since we are Suns fans it only seemed perfect he was Steve Nash. He already had some orange basketball shorts so we found a clearance jersey at target for material and I made the top and Matt Stenciled the name and number onto it. The only bummer is for the Trunk-or-Treat it was cold and he was freezing in his tank top. 

We went to Disneyland on hte 29th, it was BUSY! I'm glad we went, everyone was dressed up and looked awesome!