23 March 2011

Laguna Beach Night Out

For Christmas I got Matta  night out to Laguna Beach. He loves Laguna and hotels so it was the best present ever! We stayed at Pacific Edge (I think) which was right on the water. We loved our view!

Classic foot picture.

We got our snacks and enjoyed watching people and the waves.

The sun setting behind Catalina Island

THe night life. We walked to main street in Laguna and ate at Alessa. The food was delicious but it was really crowded. I hate eating with my back to people, and my back was facing every single person in the room.

THat night we ate more chips and salsa in bed and watched The Dark Knight. It was scary.
The next morning we went for a run and then Matt decided to go for a swim.

It. Was. Cold.

The only way we could have done this was because the Lainharts watched Westin. They said he was a champ and was super easy. (Lets hope they were serious) The joined us for breakfast in a teeny tiny place that was yummy.
We headed to the park on the main beach in Lagnua.

Then Westin found a ball.

A volleyball. Thankfully the nice guys let him play with it or he would have had a fit!

We moved on to the apparently wet dog. I say apparently because I don't remember that detail of it (This was back in January)

After the volleyball and dog we went to a basketball.

Then to a pop tart. Westin doesn't like to go near the water but the little boy behind him (Isaiah) LOVES it. He would run and swim if his momma would let him.

Ashlynn isn't a fan of the water but she loves to dig.

Dave and Isaiah enjoyed hunting for treasures around the walk.

What a cute picture of Westin and his Dad. I bet he was really nervous walking so close to the water. (Westin, not his Dad)

04 March 2011

Ragnar Relay with Some Oranges

About a month ago Sprouts, (one of my favorite Produce stores, I know I've had a few of them over the years but Sprouts is my favorite close by) had oranges on sale for .19 cents a pound! Can you believe that? I bought over 40 pounds...twice! We love oranges around here and we were juicing them for fresh OJ! Delicious.

In other news I'm officially signed up for Ragnar Relay So Cal. I'm so excited. Better yet I found running partners to help me train! We are up to 5 miles now and feeling great. I started pretty late training but it's going to be such  blast. I'm running with a team of 12, I know one other person. I'm starting the race off at 6 in the morning (not excited about) in Huntington Beach and I run around 5 miles for each of my 3 legs. I'm so pumped and I'm already thinking about which race I want to do next. Anyone want to join me?

I've been wanting to get back into running but for multiple reasons I never did. Then when I was asked to do it and I asked a friend to join me in the mornings its been fantastic ever since! The race is April 15th-16th so be thinking about me on Tax Day!

03 March 2011

Westin and His Hat

Westin loves wearing a hat. It seems quite strange to me because what kid will keep a hat on their head. Westin wants to put it on all the time and wants to put one on his Dad or I. He has walked into a wall or two because he puts them on too low.

With Westin's ball obsession comes missing balls. He will put a ball under the couch on purpose so he can try and get it out using whatever long stick he can find.

Again with the basketball. He really does have a pretty good shot.

Westin loves to help me sweep which I don't mind. What bothers me is when he steps in my piles of swept junk and jumps in it. I don't know where he learned it from but I hope its a habit he breaks soon.

Toy Story Mania

I think its safe to say, Westin's favorite ride is Toy Story Mania. He loves the glasses and he wants to sit in his own seat and play is own game. 
Last time we rode around on it he was sitting in my lap until the end he wanted to move over. He has the game totally figured out and wants to do by himself.

Of course the Lainharts joined us.

Matt calls WEstin stich. He gets in these moods where he runs around the house squealing and jumping around. When we saw him we had to get a picture. Lilo was offended we didn't want her in it, and Westin was less then a fan.

We love having our passes!

Westin Loves to Have Fun

Recently Westin has become interested in the kitchen. He eats with the big spoon I use for cooking. Of course wants to drink out of a glass. Its always so fun.

Westin's first and true love, besides his Dad, is the basketball hoop. He won't sit and watch anything on TV unless it is a basketball or football game.

Green Thumb

While we tried hard to make it look good in our backyard we definitely don't have a REAL green thumb.

We love out backyard and it needed to be cleaned up. Westin loves to play out there with his basketball hoop.

One Saturday after running on a hot day by the beach we headed straight for Home Depot to pick up our plants. We choose some really silly things like a peach tree and a grape vine plus some flowers.

Westin helped water...everything

Including himself.

THis is what we ended up with. The flowers have since been ruined from Westin throwing anything and everything in there. I wish we had put a big bush or a vine up the fence.