28 September 2012

Bed Time Stories

Westin doesn't sit and listen to books very well. He is getting better the older he gets but he still isn't in love with them like ALL of his cousins.

This night he did really well and was cuddling so i needed to document it.

Then he went on to much more fun things. 

Jump & Slide

Every once in a while we will get a coupon to go to a bounce house for cheap. 

February 7th

Westin loves these places but isn't quite big enough to crawl over them himself and me being 8 months pregnant at the time was a little bit too big for some things. He finally got the hang of going up the ladder and down the slide and I was able to sit on a bench at the bottom and watch them.

It was a rainy day so my hair was a little bit more wild then usual.

Favorite Things

Some of Westin's favorite things are out doors. I think its like that for most kids. 

If we go to the park he begs me to take his golf club. 

February 2

He loves to ride his bike and especially loves when his friends join him.
All these kids live in our neighoborhood and were born within 7 months of each other.

Trains are also starting to hold a special place in his heart.

Ever since he was potty trained Westin has found a love for marshmallows.  Everything he does he feels he deserves a marshmallow. We love them too since its special to him AND "Westin friendly"

Westin loves fruit, bananas are still his favorite but he likes grapes, apples, pears, and watermelon

Frozen Yogurt is another favorite, but this one is a family favorite. I think going to yogurt was a special treat for him being potty trained. He always gets the Hawaiian punch with gummy bears on top.

Play Group

Play group happens twice a week for 2 hours each time. As the year went on it got harder to entertain the boys and to keep all 6 of them locked up in our house but it was well worth the 5 weeks of not doing it. 
We had a few crazy things happen, like paint spilling all over our back patio and little drops getting brought back through the house. I was also able to get things done most days, like cleaning the bathrooms.

My view through most of it was this, a bunch of blonde heads.

I definitely recommend play group with 2-3 year olds!

We Lost Our Diapers

We did it! Well, Westin did it. We took the plunge and decided to cut out the diapers for good. It was the worst thing ever as we were going through it but once we got past the messy part it was the best decision ever!

We sure had a hard time with it, I'll spare every one the details but we had our ups and downs. 

We played a lot of basketball.

Watched a lot of movies. While holding hands.

We stayed in our underwear for days and ate a lot of marshmallows.


Oh, Another Beach Day

January 28th was another beach day. This time with the Bairs and Daddy.

Beach Day

On January 26 we went to the beach! It seems that some of our best beach days are in the middle of winter

A big Day for Westin, he learned how to put his flip flops on.

We also enjoy some evening beach activities. We attempted to fly a kite but with barely any wind (very uncommon for here) we were unsuccessful.

20 August 2012

Belly, New Bed, & Putting Green

27 Weeks, This pregnancy I really enjoyed. I had a very easy time with Westin but this one has been better. I think I felt better about it. I enjoyed dressing up that cute belly.

The end of January we took down the side of the crib in hopes to get Westin used to move out of the crib and into the bed. He did not take it so well. He was much more attached to his crib then we realized.  Putting Westin to bed instantly became a chore and continued to be a nightmare until after baby brother came.
When Westin sleeps he moves a lot, he will sit up and lay down going another direction. This is the reason for the pillows to the side of the bed. He would completely fall off. Also, notice the two pairs of pants on him.

One day while shopping at goodwill we picked up a putting green for Westin. He is in love with it. Uses it so much although he loves to hit it in the water instead of the hole.

Bike Rides & Family Night

Riding bikes is one of our favorite things to do. Seriously. What a blast and how lucky are we to be able to do it at the beach!

We went with our friends the Evans and the Hatchs. Also, very lucky to have such awesome friends!

Trying to learn the Indo board, helps with balance.

For family night one night I (Christi) had things to do at the church for Primary. We all headed down and played some games in the gym. We invited Char & Tyrone too.

Spaghetti Dinner

Our ward did a Spaghetti dinner to help raise money for the Young Mens organization.

We enjoyed a delicious meal and Westin ate his first Spaghetti Dinner. Now, don't think we never offered him Spaghetti. He never would try ours. So, Patti Hood, I think we need your recipe!

He also found a skateboard to try out. The picture is blurry because he was behind pushed back and forth on the stage. 
Afterwards, we headed over to our friends Andy & Sarahs house for some fruit ninja. What a fun game it is. You use your limbs to try to chop the fruit. Matt picked up Westin and tried to use his whole body to be the "knife" to cut it.

29 May 2012


When Daddy leaves his tools out Westin is sure to find them.


A very easy activity for Westin and I to do is go to the driving range. That's why we go so often. He is mostly well behaved and loves it. When I was pregnant it was an easy thing for us to do where I didn't have to chase him.

It is kind of hard to see it in this picture but every single car lined up to turn left was white. 

Sick Weekend

Sometimes the kid has to slow down.

Then he sleeps in until 10am and feels much better.


If you click on the video it will take you to picasa to watch it.

I think Westin is better then I am. He had to tell me to focus.