29 May 2012


When Daddy leaves his tools out Westin is sure to find them.


A very easy activity for Westin and I to do is go to the driving range. That's why we go so often. He is mostly well behaved and loves it. When I was pregnant it was an easy thing for us to do where I didn't have to chase him.

It is kind of hard to see it in this picture but every single car lined up to turn left was white. 

Sick Weekend

Sometimes the kid has to slow down.

Then he sleeps in until 10am and feels much better.


If you click on the video it will take you to picasa to watch it.

I think Westin is better then I am. He had to tell me to focus.


We had a few firsts for Westin in January. 

First time getting a treat from the ice cream truck. Westin loved his treat! I mean of course he did. Who wouldn't love getting a Popsicle from a truck with music. It just screams happiness!

He also went to his first indoor Volleyball game. He of course loved it and sat pretty still for it. We went to see BYU play UCI. The game was free so it was pack with a bunch of friends we knew.

10 May 2012

Westin's favorite things

There are many things Westin loves to do, here are just a few...

Eat suckers and Marshmallows. In February we started potty training Westin. It was tough but totally worth it after a while. His reward for going poop on the potty was 2 BIG marshmallows. He has been addicted ever since.

He also likes to be silly, really silly. Here he is pretending to be Santa. He would say "HO HO HO Merry Christmas"

He loves the park, he is still a little bit nervous about the big slides and tunnel slides or climbing anything really tall but he runs around and loves to swing.

Since Westin is allergic to Dairy he eats soy products. One of his favorite things to eat is Yogurt.

He also loves to drive in the car, especially when we go down big hills. His hands go up and says WEEEEE!


I should really have a picture of this in here but Westin LOVES to ride his bike. He would ride it all day long if we let him. All. Day. Long.

Some other favorite things are
Cousin Logan
watching sports
anything with his Dad
black beans
Costco, special treats
Cars movie
Toy Story movie


Do we talk enough about golfing? We do it a lot. We watch it a lot.
We also love Chipotle. Westin loves it as much as we do.

Westin loves to watch other people at the golf course, especially when its his Dad. If he sees someone hitting the ball a certain way or stretching he will do it and add it to his routine.

Westin and baby brother laying with each other.

January 6&7