19 January 2008


Who thinks we look alike? Anyone?

Grandma's Funeral

All the family was there. Everyone of Grandmas grandchildren came for the funeral. It was so fun to see them all.

This is all the Grandkids, spouses and great grandchildren. Don't we look alike?

These are just he grandchildren. It was such a blast spending the day with everyone!

03 January 2008

Trying to post.

So I keep trying to post but I honestly don't have the time. When I just got on, it won't let me upload my pictures!!! GRRR!!! So all that has happened is this past week I have worked close to 50, maybe even more hours. On Monday I start at ASU!! I am pretty excited about it but nervous since I am taking 17 credits plus working too much! That is basically about it.

Hopefully I can get it to upload my pictures!