27 April 2009

Jam Session

What do you get when you take this....

... and this ...

... with these ...

Fresh Homemade Strawberry Jam!
Simply Delicious!

Thanks girls for coming over and doing this! I can't till we all run out and have to do more!
Special Thanks to Channa for sending us in the right direction!

22 April 2009

2 New Camping Stoves - One Big, One Little

Some people like them small and portable. Just throw it in your backpack and go. Others like the two-burner bonus and the professional appearance. We went with the Lyons today to get some camping stoves for our up and coming camping trip with our REI gift cards from the DM quarterly meeting. Thanks DM. I got a little single burner backpacking stove and Nick got the gourmet dual-burner stove.

Also, we have one more garage sale item we didn't mention before. Nick found four Therm-a-Rest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad - for a dollar each and was nice enough to share the treasure with us. Today we saw the same sleeping pads for $60 at REI. That may be the largest markdown of the day.

Lets all hope our camping this trip doesn't end in a disaster like the Thompson's recent excursion. Considering we will be camping on a beach in the middle of Orange County and surfing all day I don't know what can go wrong.

21 April 2009

Fun in the Sun

We enjoyed our first Spring beach day down at Laguna Beach. It was so warm out here so we had to do something to get out of the house.

Matt and Conway Skim Boarded and had a blast, of course.

Diana and I enjoyed sitting on the beach with Marley.

Here is my latest belly picture.

19 April 2009

Can we find treasure in other's trash

Saturday there was a community garage sale in an elite neighborhood that is in close proximity to the Newport Beach Temple. Christi was so excited to go she made sure that we left the house at 6:30 to be at the neighborhood by 7:00. An hour before the garage sale starts.

We pack up our SUV, grab some straps out of our garage (hoping to find some new surfboards), pack some snacks and head out with our life savings to see what we can find.

The first purchase we made was at Mark's $5 Madness.

High Chair thing - FisherPrice

Itsy Bitsy Bouncer -FisherPrice

Starlight Papasan Craddle Swing - FisherPrice

Deluxe Jumperoo - Fisher Price

After getting all four of those for $20 bucks I felt like the day was already a success and we still had 30 minutes before it even officially opened.

I wasn't sure if we would be able to top the first deal, but then that idea was knocked out of my head when I found...

Boxing Gloves (4 for $6) - Original Soccer Ball Free!!!

Next up we receive a call from Nick who had found a $10 Pack 'n Play. We gave him the green light to purchase it curious to see the condition it was in. As you can see we were delighted.

Pack 'n Play

While Nick was picking up the Pack 'n Play I was trying decide if I was ready to commit $40 to a Kelty Back Pack Child Carrier. I finally decided to go for it, knowing Grandpa Pobst would be excited to be able to see his lil grandkids out hiking around before they hit the one year mark.

Kelty Backpack

Next up we found a $5 space heater for Christi. Fancy enough it was even made by Honeywell. Then from the same people we got a Graco Snap 'n Go (I think they should rename everything so it has a 'n in it. Instead of calling it a high chair - Sit 'n Eat, a crib - Lay 'n Sleep, a car seat - Buckle 'n Drive and some women may even consider changing; husband - Shut it 'n Listen) for another five spot.

Space Heater

Graco Snap 'n Go

So then we were reviewing our list and one of the items was a metal bed frame. Lucky enough next house we passed had a metal bed frame on sale for $3. The also threw in as an added bonus the leather ball as seen above with the boxing gloves.

Bed Frame

Next up we found a baby monitor being sold for $5. I asked if it was missing the back and the lady said we took it off because we had rechargeable batteries and it was a pain to unscrew the back. She said we could have the monitors for free, then her husband was like why don't you just give us a buck then I'll feel better about this. He was being very facecious. We also then got a little tub for another buck. We aren't sure how good the monitor is going to work it seems to be fairly basic and looks like it has seen many days.

Baby Monitor

Bathing Tub

We were driving by a garage sale and Christi pointed out another Snap 'n Go. I slammed on my breaks when I saw that this one had square tubing and black rims. I asked the homey how much for the baby ride with the sweet kicks. $20 later we now had two Snap 'n Go's.

Maclaren Easy Traveller

We then revisited our list, one of the items was a yoga mat. I told Christi how supprised I was that we hadn't seen a yoga mat yet. Then, just like before there one was. The lady first said she wanted $5 for it. I was about to walk away because $5 was way to steep for a purple yoga mat. Then when the price was instantly lowered to two dollars I gave my wife the signal.

Yoga mat

Last item we got was our super sweet blue camouflage umbrella stroller!!! This was a little pricier at $50 but hey, if it matches my ski goggles it is worth it.
Wendy Bellissimo Umbrella Stroller

Here is a little shot of the Maclaren Traveller and the Wendy Bellissimo umbrella stroller. Awfully similar!!!

Here is our fleet of strollers and backpack:

And all of our toys bundled together:

I hope you enjoyed seeing our marvelous Saturday morning adventures and our sweet deals. We'll try to get some photos of some of the deals are friend Nick was able to secure.

Also, I am hoping the soccer ball I got is from the 1920's - 1940's and worth some serious cash

16 April 2009

Our new place

I should have posted these a while ago, and now I am thinking about rearranging. Until then, this is what our Living Room and Kitchen look like.

Kitchen, all of the cabinets are behind the camera.

The big window looks out to a beautiful alley. We get to spy on our neighbors.

The living Room. Where we spend most of our time. We have a matching love seat but its in the garage for the "Movie Room". We don't go down there much any more so we are thinking about selling it and bringing the love seat up. That would make us have to rearrange a little bit.

We need to put something up on the wall behind the computer.

08 April 2009

This week's events.

We have been Busy and we are just getting busier!

Conference weekend was awesome. We had a lot of friends over for dinner. We ate breakfast. Matt's Mom made us a German pancake a while ago and we LOVED it. We decided we were going to make one every Sunday for dinner.

After dinner the guys decided to hold their own triathlon, or something like that. They first started inside by jumping over a chair. Unfortunately the camera didn't make it out in time.

We then headed outside. Matt won the golf club game. You were supposed to throw up the club and spin it as many times as you could and catch it on the grip. Matt got it to go around 3 times.

The next game involved spoiled milk. Here Kris is spinning while throwing it in the air.

For this game, you were to throw the milk above the power lines and catch it. I think Conway won, or maybe he tied with Tyler.

Poor Clay got some in his eye.

We then had a dance off. The Gardners won!

This is Tyler's new move.

Last weekend my parents came over to hang out and enjoy our California weather! I didn't get any pictures but we enjoyed a lot of good times!

We started out by going out to eat on Friday to Aloha Grill, thank you to the West's who recommended it! Then Saturday morning we headed to the Orange County Swap Meet. We weren't really impressed, it was kind of trashy and we ended up following a few guys with cigars...so NASTY!

Later on we enjoyed some time at the beach then out for some errands. We got fabric for the crib bumper for baby boy! Matt thought we would be out of the store in 10 mins with fabric, my Mom and I said "Yeah Right!" 2 hours later we headed out of the store.

We actually finished it and it looks great, it fits perfectly and just needs a mattress to go underneath it. Everyone worked on it, including my Dad. A HUGE thank you to my Mom who would take over anytime I got frustrated with it! We had a hilarious brain storming session to figure out the best way to put the batting in.

Easter Sunday was so fun! We got through the whole day without Easter Candy. We enjoyed having Kris, Cathy and Baby T Sundberg and Tyler Kump over for dinner. We even dyed eggs! Matt has been waiting since last year to do this. He bought clearance dye and made me save it for the whole year so he could do it. I don't think he enjoyed it as much as he though he would.

I said we are getting busier and I MEANT it! This weekend we are planning to go to a neighborhood garage sale in Newport and then to a birthday party and a ward party!

The next weekend we are going camping on the beach with a bunch of our friends!
The weeknd after that we are headed to ... HAWAII! We leave Saturday May 2nd, and come home Sunday May 10th. It's going to be our last big trip before the baby and our 2 year anniversary celebration!