29 July 2008

Beach Day 2

Today started out pretty chilly. Everyone was under a blanket or towel. We played a fun wiffel ball game with the whole crew. Matt and I went for a walk down the shoreline and had so much fun jumping and dancing over the ways. We went out to lunch to Hodads in Ocean Beach which is burgers and soooo delicious! By the time we got back the sun was out and shinning and ready for us to play!

Matt had an accident, he got a shovel to his toe. It was really painful for him. This picture is after he got it all cleaned up.

Later that night we went to Belmont Park to enjoy family night and half price rides. We did the roller coaster and Matt enjoyed some other scary ride that I would never touch foot on. (I got sic on rides so easily)

Day 2: Successful

Day 3: We are going to the temple in the morning. It will be my first time in the San Diego Temple and i can't wait!

San Diego Fun Day 1

Monday recap: Lots of boogie boarding, surfing, digging in the sand, working(Matt was so fun hiding behind his computer half the day), and this year's new toy - the Island from costco. This humongous flotation device proved to be tons of fun. As the large waves came in they would stand the island up vertical, one time dropping Greg(Christi's Dad) onto Christi, another time launching Zachary(Christi's cousin) from the boat. The only scary part was when Christi was trying to bring Grace in, she had a life jacket, but was too scared and wanted to go in. So first Matthew(Christi's brother) tried to take her in but couldn't stand and got freaked so Christi grabbed her but couldn't stand either. The waves were coming of course and that was so freaky! Christi started yelling help and waving her hands for her family standing on the beach to come help her and they all thought she was fine and just wanted them to come get her so she could go back out. NOT THE CASE! The lifeguard understood her cry for help and came running after her. So basically Grace and Christi were saved by the lifeguard while the family stood to watch!

In the evening we did take some family and couple shots.

Don't worry we are having awesome food!!!

Today was our first beach day in San Diego. We were having so much fun the camera didn't make it out of its case much.

16 July 2008


We have been doing so much. Non stop seriously going to the beach and eating! Matt's Brother Aaron is in town and has been here since Thursday. Matt picked him up from the airport around 1 and we went right to the beach. Then on Friday Allison, Justin and Emily came over for another beach day. All day seriously it was such a blast! We had a BBQ that evening in our little courtyard. I cooked, steak, corn on the cob, ($.37 from Growers) asparagus, and my neighbor Cori made mashed potatoes. It was so delicious. It was my first time cooking corn on the cob and I grilled it, seriously it was the best! We had cake later for Aaron's birthday, we did candles and sang!

On Saturday we got a later start to the beach but yes we still went. We only spent a few hours down there but it was perfect none the less. We later went to the Orange County Fair, and saw the Maloof Money Cup which is a skateboard competition. It was pretty fun, I really enjoyed it.

While there we saw stinky animals and a fresh garden with all sorts of vegetables and fruit. We had a lot of fun and we are glad we went.
A picture Matt got of Shaun White...he got second on the half pipe (I think thats what its called)

On Sunday it was pretty low key except Matt and I gave a talk. Everything went fine but we both felt like it wasn't our best. We all (Matt, Aaron, and myself) took a 3 hour nap and enjoyed a delicious dinner at our friends house the Fullers. ** Just as a side-note, Kristen Fuller is my visiting teaching companion, she is from Mesa and get this.... We got married on the same day...AND in the same Temple! WILD I know, we were both so excited when we found out! So I made this delicious fruit pizza that turned out pretty good. I have actually made it twice now and it has not even been a full week, its super easy too!

** Another side-note, Matt took a bite out of the pizza crust before I had finished making it, you can't tell from the picture because he purposefully took it at an angle so you couldn't tell. I was TICKED!

On Monday Aaron and I hung out while Matt went to work. At first I felt like I was pretty boring for him so I asked him if he'd like to go shopping and he was actually excited. (His Mom had given him money for new school clothes) He ended up getting a lot of new stuff so it was fun. Later we met Matt, Allison, Justin, and Emily at Thousand Steps beach.

I picked up our friends the Konkles (pictured above at the beach) and enjoyed a good time. I attempted skim boarding and was not successful. However, for those of you who go to San Diego and know skim boarding as an activity that is fairly easy looking, WRONG! I saw a whole new level to it. These guys were jumping on the board heading towards a wave and ended up surfing back in.

It was crazy and I had never seen anything like it. As you can tell from the pictures the waves were HUGE. We were not very far out and the water would start at our waist and after a wave end up at our necks.

The picture also shows it being really clear which was pretty cool. Since then our days have been pretty low key. We are heading for ARIZONA tomorrow and I really can't wait. This week has been so long its been killing me! My cousin Robin is getting married to Spencer, they re so cute together and I am so glad she found such an amazing guy!

08 July 2008

4th of July HB Style

We had such a blast over the weekend I swear it was non stop partying! We started out on Thursday evening. You see, for Matt's job if he does 10 billable hours in one day the company will take him and his wife (me) out to dinner. We decided to go to Macaroni Grill. I twas awesome, we walked right in and we shared an appetizer, we had our owned salad and shared a meal. We ended up with more then half the meal left but it was all SOO delicious! We then did a little shopping and headed home. There we rolled our TV out of our garage and into the court yard of our apartment and enjoyed Independence Day with friends from the complex.

The movie was over at Midnight and pretty much everyone was knocked out except Cori and I...The girls pulled through to the end. The next morning Matt woke up at 7 to go check out the activities. He then came back to get me at 8 and thats when a day of riding bikes started. We rode down to the PCH which was closed to cars so it was totally rad to be on that.
...There was so much fog the visibility was very little...

We went and parked our chairs along Main Street for the big parade and went out searching for some yummy breakfast. This is what we had ...

Belgium Waffles with Strawberries and Blueberries on them with cinnamon and sugar on it. It was so delicious and filling.

Next was the parade. Our favorite part was the beginning with the Red Bull parachuters landing right in front of us, they had rocket packs on them so they were going so fast!

The airplane cars were pretty cool too

Then Tito Ortiz showed up, I guess he is from Huntington Beach

The parade ended up being 3 hours long so we left early to go home to our neighborhood BBQ! Which was so fun as well, lot of good food. We then all headed out to the beach, it was such a beautiful day there and surprisingly the beach we went to wasn't as crowded as we thought. We all went home and got ready for the fireworks show that they shot off the pier. It was so beautiful and not to mention the first time I had to ear a jacket on the 4th of July!

We loved the Kettle Corn, between 4 of us and Marley we pounded it!

The beautiful display, next year Matt wants to get closer to the water so we can see the reflection.

This was the ride back, there were so many people heading up Main Street from the pier and beach it was crazy, somehow we crossed it alive.

The next day we went to a Birthday party right outside our door. We had Hot Dogs and chips and delicious dessert! We also went to the beach. The water was so wonderful, nice and warm but chili when you first touch it.

Our weekend was a blast and we hope everyone else had a fun and safe holiday!