30 March 2008

Forgot the best Picture!

So Stacy, Alicia and i wanted a girls picture. I actually don't know who started the thought but I have a pretty good idea.....

I already told you about the 3 bars that we aren't totally sure how to do. Well as you can see we tried to set up a cute picture at the top. As you can see it turned out pretty good. The next picture is us trying to go down at the same time. it didn't work out as we would have liked. Stacy made it all the way down with no problem ( probably because she pushed Alicia and I out of the way, typical Stacy) Alicia and I had a little bit of a problem. She was sort of on my lap so when we went down I ended up getting pushed down and almost fell through the bars. Us girls all laughed our brains out and the guys were just like "Surprise, Surprise"

1st Annual Bair Family Picnic

Saturday night was the first annual Bair Family picnic. It was a blast! We had all the Arizona Bair kids came and their families. Total there was 25 people. We had sloppy joes, all sorts of salads, chips and dessert. We pigged out and then played on the fun park. I started a hide and go seek game with all the kids who were 11 and under. It was hilarious cause they all wanted to be it and I am thinking...ok, why would you want to be "IT"? The weather was perfect and everything couldn't have been better!
grace loved the attention from her aunts and uncles, she also loved "Sean, the sea horse".

We all loved trying to get as high as we could on the swing! Matt had fun taking the cool angled shots of us.

Grace loves to do spider with me and I love doing spider!

One of Matt's fun photography shots!

We found these 3 bars that we couldn't figure out what to do with them. Some of us tried going down all 3 bars but we soon found out that was uncomfortable and awkward.
This is my fun shot of Matt!
I took about 10 pictures of these 2 and this is the best that I got....but when you don't tell Scott you are taking a picture of him he looks like a model!
Grace loves taking rides on Uncle Matthews back. She always says I want more ride, I want more ride.
Matt was the only daring one on the swing playing Top Gun.

Alicia and I jumped on the swings of course, we got the highest!

Matt was home this weekend and it was so much fun. I hardly did any work while he was here and we just enjoyed spending time together and with his family and my family. He leaves early tomorrow morning and comes back again in 2 weeks. That is when our going away party is. I hope all can come!

26 March 2008

All Seeing Eye

Sorry here is my sweetheart's eye watching me accross the web.

23 March 2008


A couple weekends ago we all went bowling on Saturday night after they helped Matt and I move. Thank you to RaDean

We ahd to wait an hour for a lane to open up but it was well worth it! I don't even know if we tried to pay attention to who was winning. Stacy wasn't doing her best and I do know Alicia beat Scott on the first game!

This BIG chair was in the lounge that also had a bar and pool tables. Matt and Matthew stole a game from someone who had left most of their balls on the table!

So do Scott and I look a like?

Happy Easter!

19 March 2008

Who knew I would miss him so much!

I did. Yep I miss my sweetheart! Matt has been in California since Sunday night. Sunday was pretty hard. I stayed in my room pretty much for the whole day and I couldn't wait for him to call. I have been staying pretty busy with school and work but its not the same. We went from being at each others side everyday to not even being able to talk on the phone all day. I will be ok though. He comes home next Thursday, I am counting down the days!

Matt's Job -- Matt loves his job! He has such a happy voice every time I talk to him. He does have an easy life right now. He is at the beach while I write this! I can't wait to move to the ocean!

This is my new roommate! She is so fun! Aways entertaining and is quiet at night! It's great!

10 March 2008

Christi's First Suns Game

So Friday night we head down to Phoenix with Chad and Stacy to see the Suns take on the Jazz. We have to buy tickets on the street. While looking for tickets we see a little FSN booth with Tom Chambers being broadcast. He is the Bair family's long lost cousin. So Christi and Stacy hang around to talk to their kin while Chad and I get the tickets.

We get the tickets for just over double face value. Some street hagglers we turned out to be. So we get in the game and go to our seats. Watch the game and it is great fun until the end when the Suns first loose the lead then loose the game.

On the way home we decide to stop at Applebee's to cash in on half price appetizers. Christi and Stacy break off to go to the bathroom. I feel it appropriate to mention that whenever they are together unsupervised I always fear the worse. They come back laughing their heads off. After a few minutes of trying to get out of them what happened I find out that there was a locked stall that they thought was unoccupied. At first Christi was going to try and crawl under the door, but apparently crawl space was limited. Next, they had the great idea of Christi climbing over door and dropping in (no Pun intended). So they came back laughing hysterically, and I am somewhat convinced that in the end they didn't even go to the bathroom because they were having too much fun, got distracted, and forgot they had too pee.

So, unfortunately for you reader and me the typer, the story doesn't end there. We then pick up Grace, who, since it is about 11:00 and was just awoken, is a zombie and take her to get McDonald's ice cream. Well, the first McDonald's said they didn't have any ice cream. Then the second place told us the McD's stops serving ice cream at 11:00. To that Chad screams, "What kind of sick McDonald's joke is this." So we head back to the Thompson's residence and spot a Tastee Freeze. We go there and get the most amazing chocolate dipped cones ever. At least I did, everyone else got these lame boring vanilla cones and even grace scored a little freebie trial size cone.


Here are some pics of our most recent adventure. Well, other than packing it our most recent.