22 August 2010

Emily Comes to Town

Emily came to visit for a few days whil her parents took a quick trip to Mexico. Grandma and Grandpa Pobst also came to stay. We had fun going for walks, out to eat and to the park!

We tried to get the classic cousin picture. Emily was being so cute!

Westin wasn't interested and wanted to go play with the other kids.

Then when Westin was ready, Emily was not. It was nap time for everyone I think. I guess we got out "Classic Picture"

We always go out to eat when the Pobst's come to town. This time we went to T.K Burger, Fiesta Grill, and Fred's (a new place we tried out).

Grossarth Visit

Back in July we had to chance to drive down to Imperial Beach (San Diego) to meet up with our friends the Grossarths.

Saku is on the left and is about 6 weeks older then Westin. He is already walking and seems so much older then Westin in so many ways! They loved to play with this bucket of water and splash themselves. I guess it was less threatening then the ocean waves.

Westin doesn't love sand but he always has to try it. He will eat it though if we don't watch out for him. If he gets anything else in his mouth and I say spit it out he spits it right out, its so nice and funny.

Don't you always have to have a bath picture with your babies?

Thanskf or letting us come visit for the day. Dinner was so delicious!

Swim Class

We signed Westin up for a swim class. I'm not sure what he is getting out of it.  All we do is sing songs and practice laying on our back and using big arms. He is getting more comfortable with it and he can hold on to the wall and jump in off the side (sort of). I actually don't enjoy it as much. Its too late in the day. One thing I do like about it is its in doors and I don't have to worry about sun screen.

One day Dad was able to come and take pictures.

Westin had a friend in the class CJ goes to church with us. He is almost exactly a year older then Westin.

16 August 2010

TPC Scottsdale

This year my dad and I planned out a few activities that we wanted to do. One of them was play the TPC Scottsdale Stadium course. This is the course where the Phoenix Open is held every year.

It was tons of fun and we were even able to drag my brother Aaron along.

15 August 2010

4th of July

We had the Bair family over for the 4th festivities. We had lots of beach time and plenty of lounging time. We tried to ride bikes every morning and we had yummy dinners.

Grace enjoyed the bike with Uncle Matt, she was WAY to big for it but loved it.

Trying to play together at the beach. Grace was so good to Westin.

Westin loves Watermelon. He shoves pieces in his mouth and most of the juice drips down.

The balloon attached to Westin is just in case he got lost in the crowds.

Grace watched the "parade" of people. I told her we were going to watch a parade but we got there too late so a "parade" of people is what she got. She still loved it. There are some really characters out there!

Matching shirts, tie dying is so easy. (well sort of) They make pretty cute matching shirts though!