20 April 2010

We had a very friendly visitor

We were so happy when Nick and CAt asked us to watch Mitzi while they went on their trip to Europe! How lucky are they! 
Westin was so excited to have a constant companion with him.

He couldn't ever take his eyes off him!

Mitzy just wanted to play play play which is right up Westin's alley.

Sometimes Westin didn't get it.

But other times he couldn't get enough! He wanted the toy just as much as Mitzi did.

Luckily all we had to do was show Westin his toys so Mitzi could keep hers.

Every once in a while they would get back together for more.

Just a few funny things about Mitzi's visit. I hated walking her (sorry Cat) but seriously, its hard stuff walking a dog while pushing a stroller and having to pick up after them 3 or 4 times a day. Mitzi is strong.

The toy Mitzi keeps playing with in the pictures somehow got a hole in it. The stuffing got out and apparently she ate some. In the middle of the night Mitzi starts to choke and since she slept with us I was right there to witness it and "help" her. I jumped out of bed and yelled "Matt, Mitzi is choking!" Matt proceeded to jump out of bed and ran to Wesin's room turned on the lights and tried to figure out what was going on. While I was dying laughing trying to get Matt's attention I was watching Mitzi THROW-UP on our bed! GROSS! Then I realize it was just the fur ball she had eaten earlier, thank goodness. I was so worried about her though. The first thing that went through my mind was " What am I going to tell Cat" and How do you do CPR on a dog?" Lucky for me. We didn't need to do any of that.

Living in sunny California we always have our door open! I had a gate up for a while but got sick of it.  Mitzi was really good for the most part about not leaving but she sure knew how to sneak out! She went in to the neighbors apartments and even made it downstairs. Luckily she just wanted to sniff the place out and not go anywhere.

By the time she had left us I was ready for it but for the next week or so when I would come home I would be excited to see Mitzi, only to find an empty house.

12 April 2010

One Friday Evening

A few weekends ago Westin and I drove out to meet Matt at work so we could go out to eat. When I got there a boss of Matt's suggested Cafe Rio. We all headed out there and enjoyed some of the most delicious grub! I believe it was my first time, and Westin's!

Cali is one of Westin's first friends! She came to visit him in the hospital when he was only days old. Some how she snuck in. Cali also loves to hold Westin just like she holds her baby which you can see in this picture.

Cali's Mom is Jessy who is holding here with the beautiful red hair! Matt was asking Cali what her favorite foods were and at this particular moment he asked if she liked tomato's. What do you think?

How often do you see a picture with Westin and I in it?

Lets do it again and invite the rest of the families!

06 April 2010

This & That

Westin loves to drum. If he isn't happy we will drum on whatever we can and instantly he puts a smile on and does what we are doing. My favorite was when we were at a restaurant and Matt hit the table and right away Westin started to bang on the table and was bobbing his head.

We have been able to enjoy a few beach days. Not as many as we would like but I guess April did just start. Some places are still covered in snow. Westin really enjoys being outdoors.

Towards the end of March Westin's Grandparents came to visit him, we mostly relaxed but enjoyed the beach and eating.

We ate at my parents favorite place downtown. Kilarneys. Westin enjoyed the food too. He hardly made a bitter face with this lemon.

Seriuosly? How adorable. This face reminds me of something. This is how he looks when he is trying to eat something.

The whole gang. I really enjoy the food on Main street but sometimes the people are too much for me. The smoking totally ruins it for me.