25 June 2008

Fashion Island

So We went shopping at Fashion Island a couple weekends ago. I was not prepared to go. We started out at garage sales so I figured I would stay in the car. We made our way down to New Port and figured we better stop by. While there we went into Bloomingdales, I had never been so I wanted to see what it was like. We stopped by this purse clearance table (the purses were still over $200) There were all these ladies there and when we walked up Matt saw a purse he liked, he yelled out "DIBBS" and every lady there turned there head to see what he had called. I think they were making sure the didn't want it. We were laughing so hard then Matt knocked over the sale sign.

Thousand Steps Beach

The boys

Check out the SUN!!

For Family Home Evening this week we went with some friends to Thousand Steps Beach. We didn't take pictures of the stairs but I think it is something 250 steps. It is such a pretty beach. We went with The West Family and the Lyon Family. The boys skim boarded while the girls took pictures. I also should have taken pictures of the houses that were lining the cliffs to this beach. They had their private stairs to the beach.

P.S. Who wants to come out for the 4th of July. We here it is pretty amazing and no one has jumped the chance o stay at our house!

22 June 2008

Birthday's, Firsts, & Family

For my birthday we went to Disneyland, it was so hot and packed but it was fun. We had reservations at the Blue Bayou. I got the Filet Migon which is delicious!

Friday night we celebrated my Birthday with our friends and Matt's sister and her Husband. We went to Rec Robin! It was delicious! I love that place, and for those of you who read my sisters blog she went there for her birthday dinner too, we didn't plan it either. The place was in a mall so we went shopping and I got a pair of pants from the Levi store. They were 50% off and they fit perfectly! Thanks Mom for the B-Day present!

We also got a "family birthday present" or something this year. Matt was going to get me a beach cruiser for my birthday but some how he walked out of the deal with one of his one. That's my stinker husband. Some how he always takes me shopping and ends up with something for himself too.

So with our new beach cruisers we can enjoy sunset rides on the beach!!!

On Saturday Matt went out and took pictures of our neighbors surfing. On the way home he got me a surf board from a garage sale. He thought he was going to score himself a board but when he bought he the guy shouted to his wife "Hey Honey, I sold your board" So he realized that I had just gotten a new surf board and not him. He came home with it and I was pretty excited to use it that day. Matt's sister Allison and her Husband, Justin came with baby Emily to spend the day at the beach with us.

After we went to my new favorite produce market, Growers Direct (check out what they had to say about it... Growers), we were able to head out there. The day was perfect, it was really sunny but by the water not too and the water could not have been more PERFECT. I was making fun o the guys going out there with full body wet suits. So we all get lathered up and Matt, Justin and I head out with my new surf board. I figured I better start learning soon since we life in Surf City, USA!! So we are out there, the waves were Enormous compared to San Diego waves which is what I am used to, I hop on and they hold me until a wave comes. Here comes the big wave, I catch it, they yell stand up and I freak out but get up to me knees (according to Allison on the beach) all I know is next I was doing flips in the water and the leash is wrapped around my neck. I was FREAKED! I start picturing all these different scenarios of what MIGHT happen. SO I finally get up, I gain control of myself sort of( I am near tears b/c this water is incredibly scary. ANOTHER wave comes and I get taken out again, this time though the board comes back and hits me an puts a huge gash on my stomach.

Needless to say I was terrified and crying. We went back in and decided my cut was pretty cool. I will go back out just not in Huntington, the water is too rough. About an hour later Matt's cousin Jordan came down with his wife Larissa to enjoy the beach and and have a bon fire.

We did a little photo shoot with Emily. She was so happy it was a lot of fun!

Saturday night we wanted to do a bon fire on the beach but apparently we needed to be there at 9am to reserve one of the 300 hundred. After searching for the lucky spot we decided to head back to our place and have a BBQ with our foil dinners and S'mores. They were delicious!

This Morning while I was in the shower getting ready for church Matt comes in and tells me I have a meeting with the Bishop 10 mins before church. My first thought was thats cool and I'm getting ready early so we will be fine. Well things didn't go as planned, like I couldn't find my ring (DRAMA) but I still ended up waiting for him. So I got a new calling! I am A Relief Society Secretary. I say "A" because I am the second one they called, I guess she is pretty busy. I am very excited for this, I wanted to be in the Relief Society or Young Womens. I can't wait to start meeting everyone! After church we took naps, everyone in the family room next to a fan and still burning HOT. I know you guys in AZ are really boiling but here we have no AC so when we have no breeze coming thourgh the house it gets pretty warm. We went out to the pier to watch people surf. There was about a million people out there not to mention a street preacher calling all people to repentance. Oh and he was wearing a Hurley shirt. I tried taking pictures of Matt but he shut down the paparazzi.

I know, I know you all want a close up. So if the people want it, I have no choice but to deliver. Enjoy the close up.

18 June 2008

The big 25!

So Today is Stacy's Birthday! Everyone give a shout out to her!

Stacy is so funny. All we do when we are together is laugh, just ask Matt!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big Sis (but smaller when you think about it)!

04 June 2008

Sewing is Done!

Thanks to my WONDERFUL Mother we got all the sewing done. We did the family room, kitchen and bedroom curtains, plus the duvet cover which was the easiest! I haven't finished decorating the bedroom so I didn't take pictures of it.

Family Room


This is what we had to do in order to save space. I have about enough counterspace for nothing! It is honestly ridiculous. I don't even have anything on the counters to keep it open but really there is nothing I can do. We use our stove for everything, we don't have a microwave due to not buying one and lack of space so we are always getting pots and pans dirty. Which doesn't make clean up easy since we have no dishwasher!

These are decorations...adding to the homely feeling.

YES! We painted the kitchen ORANGE! Yes it was the brightest color at Home Depot! We love, when you walk into the complex you can see our kitchen glowing. Its so funny! These shelves Matt made with a tiny help from me. They turned out so good and we LOVE them.

Somehow our table ended up fitting. I love love love how it looks against the orange, and the table runner matches the curtains. We made that too!

The rest is pictures of the decorations we put up. Most of the stuff we already had so it was really nice, we did do some fun shopping, thanks to our wedding gift card we still have to Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Crate and Barrel we were able to get some cool stuff. I want to paint the wall in the family room green. We will see when that happens though.

This is my favorite flower arrangment. I love the colors and the picture is so fun!

So just a few things about where we live. We are literally 3 blocks to the beach. We have gone once to the actual water and Matt has gone more to surf with some friends from the complex. We live in a complex with 14 different places. 11 of those people are LDS. It is so nice, its like instant friends for us! On both sides of us are babies...one is about 2 months, the other is 14 months. They are so fun and I get to play with them all the time. They tell me they do BBQ's in the courtyard down below but that hasn't happened yet.

We live in what they call down town Huntington Beach. We are about 10 blocks from Main street where there are a bunch of shops. They are all way too exspensive but on Tuesday nights they have a market. All these different vendors come out and sell vegetables, fruits and flowers. Its so fun. We have gone a lot and every time we end up with delicious food!

The temperature for us is usually in the high 60's so just perfect. We don't have air conditioning which is funny for me to think about having it my whole life but its not like we would use it. Everything in our house is gas which is different for me but I like it. Every time we cook the fire alarm goes off. We haven't had anything burn or smoke fill the air so its weird. We have taken them off but need to figure out a way to cook with out them going off.

We are having so much fun here and glad to be out here. Matt's work just got a lot more business which means they have work for Matt so we always love that! He loves his job and I don't think he would trade it for any other job right now.

Our ward is great, we have made a lot of friends. The Bishop said last Sunday that there are 52 young couples in the ward! It doesn't seem like that but we are excited to meet more people! So far we always have something to do at night and have kept ourselves pretty busy.

If you have any other questions about what we are doing let me know. Sorry for all the pictures, I'm very excited about how it all turned out!