29 February 2012

Fall Festival - OC Great Park

We headed out to a e festival at the Orange County Great Park. Since it was free the place was pack! We walked around played a game of golf, we had to, Ate some kettle corn, took a picture in front of a Fire Truck and then picked up a pumpkin to take home.

Westin jumped the line and ran to pick up this pumpkin. Check out his cheeks, they were so rosy since it was so hot! The pumpkin he picked had a chunk missing so we had to put it back.

After very careful consideration he picked this one. One of the smallest on the lot.

Hair Ties

Westin has an obsession with my hair ties. If he finds them they immediately go on to his arms and they only fit up above his elbows so sometimes I don't even see them until he takes his shirt off.

Sometimes we play so hard that it puts us right to sleep. Hardly ever though.

27 February 2012

The Tree is Up!

We put our tree up really early this year. The Saturday before Thanksgiving. I wasn't too bad, I didn't actually get sick of it as soon as I thought I would. We didn't decorate it until after Thanksgiving and I think that is what helped, keeping less clutter on it.

We borrowed a neighbors train set for a little over a week. They were going out of town and they offered for us to take it. Westin got some good use out of it for that week. Every night we got it our set it up and played for a while. He was also really good about putting it away each day.

Service Project

We helped in our ward service project out at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands in November. We were able to help dig holes, put plants in them and then water them. This is actually the second year now we have participated and as silly as it seems to add plants to a place that seems to grow naturally the people we are there helping always act like we are doing them and Nature a huge favor.

Westin of course loved helping and he didn't end up getting too dirty. Hopefully he is learning something from this and he doesn't hear my complaining too much about it all.

Shopping & Food

In the middle of November we headed up to Irvine for a stroller and diaper bag sample sale. We met up with Hilarry and her two boys and afterwards met up with Dad, Uncle Scott and Aunt Alicia for lunch at Cafe Rio. 

Westin of course always ends up a mess when eating black beans.

26 February 2012


We headed to Arizona for Thanksgiving this year. The same as every year. One day I'll get the family to come out and see us!

I'm sure these two are watching golf in Grandpas room. 

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with both our families there to join. It was hosted at the Pobst home this year and everything was delicious. My favorite is always the mashed potatoes.  Some how we ended up with so many pies, plus ice cream. I don't remember hearing anyone complain though.

The following Saturday we headed to the Temple for Aaron to receive his own endowments. I was so wonderful to be there with him, he will be the best missionary Korea has ever seen!

Grandma & Grandpa Bair tok Westin for the day while we were at the temple. On the way home from picking him up we let him drive through the neighbor. He LOVES this, as does any child I think. I will always remember climbing up on my Dads lap so I could drive up our street and pull into the garage. Hopefully we are building such memories for Westin.

Of course we did some backyard golfing. Its an everyday, multiple times a day kind of thing.

We headed to McCormick Ranch to ride the train with Grandma and Grandpa. The Christmas Decorations weren't all put up yet but Westin enjoyed the ride, and swinging his Golf Club for all to see.

Bed Time

Its tough to see but Westin has about 4 golf balls in bed with him and on top of him laying nearly sideways in his bed I love this picture. Its totally him.

24 February 2012

Disneyland in November

We were able to head to Disneyland a couple of times in November. For the first time Westin talked to one of the characters. We have always just walked by because of a long line and knowing Westin wouldn't be interested. While in California Adventure Mickey was all by himself. We jumped in there and Westin even gave him a kiss. 

We always enjoy a ride on Toy Story Mania, Westin insists on playing himself even though he probably hits one target.

On another visit Westin said hello to Pluto. We always look for Goofy, Westin's favorite, but he never seems to be out when we are there.

One last shot, Westin sporting his suit at church. Sometimes its a fight to put it on but he looks darling in it.

03 February 2012

Our Last Day in Boston

Our last day was devoted to family pictures. We were so lucky to get some great shot while we were there. Check out the scenery, we were actually in a cemetery close to their house.

Besides taking pictures the last day was spent packing up and heading out. We made quite the mess at their house and I'm sure Allison was ready for us and all our stuff to get out!

The plane ride was pretty uneventful. My brother pick us up from the airport and when we were about 1/4 mile from our house Westin threw up all over himself and his car seat. One of the saddest things to see is a baby throwing up who is still strapped in. Turns out, all Westin had really eaten on the plane was Starburst. His stomach never sets well with only sweets, but I guess who's does?

02 February 2012

Downtown Boston & Walden Pond

November 1st we headed to downtown Boston to play in the leaves. Enjoy the nice weather out and attempt the freedom trail.
We had all these great pictures and videos of jumping in the leaves and running around but then our memory card was ruined somehow before we put our pictures on the computer. (Seriously biggest bummer ever)
It was so pretty downtown

On our way around the freedom trail it started to get really cold and I was getting hungry. We headed to Quincy Market to eat in Faneuil Hall and met up with Justin after school to have some delicious Bread bowl soups. Westin took a nap in the stroller and we all took a much needed break and stayed out of the cold.

The next day we headed out to Walden Pond to do a little hiking. The view was so pretty and at first we were freezing but we soon started to shred our layers upon layers of clothes. We gathered walking sticks and tried skipping rocks in the water. Ate some snacks, and ran for an emergency bathroom break. I wonder who that was....

Shoulder rides. Seriously, check out the leaves! All those colors are gorgeous.

Lyla was quite the trooper walking around and so was her Mom for staying by her side because we all know Lyla would jump in that water and chance she got.

Later that day we all the Van Dusens got ready for some family photos and I laid on the couch for a couple hours. I was so worn out from this trip. I love the look Emily has looking at her self in the mirror. Such a princess.

After baths I noticed Westin had something on his arm. It turned out to be a tick and we figure he got it from walking around the pond. Totally Gross! We had to yank it off him which he wasn't a fan of and thank goodness he didn't get sick but we all checked ourselves and all our clothes. We each had the willies for the rest of the night for fear that someone else had one crawling up their arm too.