06 December 2008

Last year, Jackpot & Projects

We were looking through some of our old pictures and came across our Christmas last year. I forgot how much Matt liked what I got him. I hope I can make him just as happy this year.

So I realize It's been quite a while since my last post. We've been a little busy. We have done a few projects. Still working on some but mostly enjoying the cold weather here in Huntington Beach.

This beauty is in Matt's parents house. Matt helped them get this put together, doesn't it look awesome? Those pumpkins are the fall decorations from the fabric in the previous post. Don't they look perfect on the mantle?

Here's the stockings I made for Matt and I. I love how they turned out!

Matt found these chairs in an Alley near our house. We decided to stain them and recover them .... BeforeAfter

Gracie's 3 Year Pictures

18 November 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

Today is Gracie's 3rd Birthday! I am very sad I can't be there with her to celebrate but I know she is having fun anyway! I do get to see her next week! Anyway Happy Birthday Grace! Matt and I love you!

31 October 2008

Halloween Crafts & Decorations

This year I wanted to get our apartment all decorated for Halloween! I didn't get as far as I would have liked but its hard when you have such a small space.

I made a few things this year. I am becoming quite the craft lover! Above is a garland of orange lights!
This wreath, Matt and I put together. I think it turned out awesome!

The "witch" I made with teh other ladies in our complex. We had fun and they turned out pretty cute!

We have recently become obsessed with pumpkins.

Matt has become quite the baker over here! Actually, Justin and I baked the cookies, and Matt decorated them! I think he did an awesome job! They were delicious, as you can tell they went quickly!

Here is a little preview of what my next project will be. Ladies...you know who you are. Here are the fabrics I have planned for the craft!

Then this one! I can't wait to see how they turn out!

30 October 2008

1 of many

A couple weeks ago a bunch of Matt's buddies and there wife's came down from San Fransisco to go to Disneyland. We had 5 people in our place and 3 more in our friends downstairs. Thanks Sundberg's for allowing us to use your house!

We spent the entire day at Disneyland, it was a blast but it sure was tiring. Usually when Matt and I go its only for a few hours.

All those passes are Rider swaps. If you have a child in your group, the person who waits with the child while everyone goes on the ride can get this pass and when teh group returns they and another person can go through the exit and get on the ride. Indiana Jones line was around 75 minutes. We were sick of waiting in lines so we all took Kate up to get a pass. 3 passes = 6 people!
In Line for the Haunted House. It is decorated as the night before Christmas now and it looks so awesome!

Tower of Terror. I really hate this ride but Matt loves it so we always manage to find our way over to it.

This is waiting in line for the new Toy Story ride. It is actually totally cool. It's interactive, you get to shoot at different things and rack up points. WAY better then Buzz Lightyear in my opinion.

This is the whole group. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the company! Thanks guys for coming down and taking us with you to California! Hope to see ya soon!

Prop 8 Rally

Last weekend Matt and I headed to Arizona for a friend of mine wedding. So we were not able to be here for this rally but I thought it was totally cool and blog worthy.

All the wards from Long Beach down to San Clemente stood out on the PCH with signs supporting Prop 8. The video shows how many people were there supporting. Matt and I have had the opportunity to stand on street corners with signs. I was disappointed in the people who hung their heads out there window yelling horrible words being very intolerant but I was surprised at how many people gave honks and thumbs up. The reason we are out there is not to change peoples mind who already know what they want and what they think is fair, but its to help those who are on the fence. Proposition 8 is all about protecting marriage.

*If you skip ahead in the video it is a little more exciting.


A while back ... like in July or something we went for a bike ride with our friends Nick & Cat Lyon. We were enjoying our time out there when these "thugs" threw a bottle on to the PCH from a parking lot. This Russian couple walked by right when it happened and the guy threw it back. The "thugs" became angry and 3 of the 4 came up 1 from the front and 2 from behind. They started fighting, I mean a real fight. There was kicking and punching. The Russian got knocked down and was bleeding.

Right as they start throwing the first punch I call the police. I'm on the phone giving a play by play an she send the police. The "thugs" leave but the driver of the car puts something over his license plate to over it. Matt and the wife ran down to check it out. They were driving away and turned down the next street when I saw the police go after them. THEY GOT CAUGHT! More police came and took our statements then we got to ride in the cop car to go and ID the "thugs" they weren't as scary looking the second time around. The officer told us they had sent out the helicopter for them but the police in the cars cuaght them without there help.

About 2 months ago Matt and I as well as Nick and Cat got subpoenad to go to court. Since the first time the court date has been pushed back 2 or 3 times. Finally we have a set date for next week but we are put on call, which means we probably won't get to go down there.

P.S. The picture is not what they actually looked like. We did get pictures of what happened because Nick was snapping photos of our ride.

19 October 2008

Prop 8

I know most of you don't live in California, but for those who do our friends Nick and Cat showed us this AWESOME video. It shows our side and point of view of why we want YES! on Prop 8!

15 October 2008

I forgot to update you.

Remember when Matt and I started the month of living on food storage? That was back in September. Check here. Well September is obviously over, and October is here! That means we are back to our normal eating habbits. Not that eating off food storage wasn't normal, it was just hard. The only thing we missed was eating frozen yogurt at Yo Yum Yum and fruits and vegetables!

What the whole month showed us was we have enough food to last us for at least a month and I am pretty sure I worked it out to three. Now the only problem is it took me a few months to get enough food for us and now its pretty much gone...atleast the one month.

So moral of the story, when we need to use our food storage what we will miss is our fruits and vegetables.

13 October 2008

just a few things

We have had a BUSY past few weeks! Actually our whole month of October is booked! This last weekend we were so LUCKY to have my sister, her husband and Grace over. We went to Disneyland, and walked around by the beach. It was freezing so a nice treat for the Thompson Family but it was so windy and so cold it was hard to be outside. 

Disneyland was set up so cute for Halloween, this guy was actually set up for the trick or treat event after California Adventure Closes.

We have done a few photo sessions recently too. Matt and I have really been getting into photography and we have learned so much. This is our neighbor Cheryl, she is due in less then 2 weeks. Most people think she just shoved a basketball in there for fun! Doesn't she look great!

Ryann is another neighbor of ours.  She was not camera shy at all, check out those blue eyes!
Here is Marley, we had an awesome Sunday with the West Family and at the end we were able to get some great shots of this pretty little girl!
Last weekend we went up to Mammoth Mountain to shoot a wedding for Matt's sisters sister-in-law. It turned out great. It was freezing up there and a snow threat but the day went smoothly and we got some great shots. 

While up there we were so lucky to get to stay at the resort the wedding was at. This was the view from our room.
We have seriously been so busy. Since the end of September my parents have come, then a friend of Matt's, then Matt's parents (for a night) then my sister. Now we have Andre coming, my friend Larissa (woot woot) and then we are going to Arizona for a wedding and my brothers endowments! On top of all this Matt has been SOOO busy at work and I swear I can't stop studying for this class. 

P.S. This picture from the previous post is one Matt took. Someone told us about this lake up where we were and how beautiful it was. The picture is obviously not the lake but it was a stream running off it. Who knew in the land of surfing bums there are beautiful mountains in California too!

06 October 2008

Busy Weekend & LIFE

I'm in the middle of studying but I wanted to give a sneak peak into what our weekend was like.

29 September 2008

He got his Call

Elder Bair ...my brother... has been called to serve the Washington Kennewick Mission, Spanish speaking. He reports December 17th!

Congrats Dude!

23 September 2008

Allison's B-Day + Dalton's Blessing

We enjoyed heading down to San Diego a couple Sunday's ago for the blessing of Dalton Foote. He was such a sweetheart and slept for most of the day. Allison also enjoyed her birthday!

We had tried to take pictures of Emily at the San Diego temple but she was way more impressed by the flowers and not the camera.

This teeter totter was at the house we had the some lunch at after the blessing. Matt really enjoyed this!

16 September 2008

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

My little but taller brother has turned his papers in! He expects them back within three weeks! My Older but shorter sister, Stacy, has set up a poll to for people to guess where he is going! Check out her page HERE.
Even if you don't know him go guess! It's fun. My Dad says the winner of the poll gets to pay for the WHOLE mission! Good Luck!

03 September 2008


Orange Coast College

School has officially started but I haven't. Basically what happened was I thought school started on Tuesday just like the Universities. Nope, it started last week on Monday. So when I found out I was gonna be able to go it was too late to register and I needed to talk to my teacher. I am only going to take one class since I only need 2 before I can apply to California State Long Beach. That one class is probably the hardest class I have ever taken....Anatomy. On Tuesday I woke up and headed out to my car and the battery was dead. No big deal I've got cables and I was fine. So I get to school a little late but only to find out that the class had been canceled for the day due to the holiday on Monday but I was told the lab was still going. I wait for the hour and half until then. I had a few things to take car of like getting out of taking placement tests. I got to the lab to find out it was canceled and there was an open lab. I talked to the TA b/c there was no professor. She was so helpful and gave me all the paperwork told me a few things about the school and taught me a few things I had missed. I still have to go tomorrow and ask the professor if I can get in the class. (Cross your fingers) I have been studying for a quiz tomorrow b/c I will need all the help I can get. I am hoping that since this is my ONLY class I can stay on top of it.

So I am finally done after a long and hot day and I go out to my car and the battery is dead again! I was ticked and so stressed a few tears came down.

Trip to Arizona

Last weekend we went to Arizona. We attempted to surprise my family but I'm not sure anyone was actually surprised. You see I love to surprise people, always have, but since I always have no one really gets surprised. Basically I get all excited for nothing.

SO we drove down with our good friends the Fullers on Thursday and just about died in a monster wind storm. Matt thought it would be a good idea to golf on Friday with his family. I choose to stay home and enjoy air conditioning. Do you blame me? We went shopping, enjoyed Lifetime's pool, enjoyed delicious home cooked meals from the Pobst's and Bair's, celebrated 2 birthday's, took Pobst family pictures, and finally excepted being allergic to dogs.

Allison actually golfed, she wasn't on the phone the whole time. I just liked this picture of her!

A little break for a photo opp I guess.

This is Matt's serious pose.

I realized that if we ever move back to Arizona, its going to be in October or November so I don't die! We didn't take as many pictures as we would have liked, but of course we got a few.

The family picture was taken by Judy Cozza.