30 March 2010


Westin in the Mirror from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

Old Enough?

Seriously though. Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

We decided Westin was old enough a while ago to be carried in the backpack.

He loves it.
It's so cute when he peers over Matt's shoulders

We also decided he is old enough to ride his Dad's bike.
He was very excite for to take his first ride.

About 4 months ago I decided he was old enough to try food...
He decided he wasn't.

About a week ago he decided he was old enough to eat food.
Now he likes tomato, avocado, banana, bread, cracker, black beans, grapes, apple, asparagus, carrots, red pepper and potato.
We couldn't be happier!

Westin also decided to make his Dad happy and snuggle with him for a few seconds.
Westin hates to be snuggled, I htink it breaks Matt's heart.

The end of February Westin went to his first birthday party!
His good friend Tofer turned 1 and actually wasn't all too excited about it.

He wasn't very interested in attention.

22 March 2010

Our Day to Day

On a daily basis Westin plays with this basket. I pull it off the shelf for him and he will unload it. Once he pushes everything far enough away he whines until I put it all back. Then hit repeat. 

While I was cleaning out drawers and our closet I gave Westin his basic to play with on the bed. Some how he found a remote.

He actually doens't mind what make it into his mouth as long as something does. He is finally eating more. I decided that he doesn't like baby food and wants something he can chew on. He now loves, bananas, tomatoes, crackers, potatoes and his puffs. I'm sure soon he will be eating anything and everything. He already drools and licks his lips when we eat something.

I hav so many t-shirts from my running days that I don't know what to do with. I have thought about making a quilt but for some reason it scares me. For now they will go in a box until I get enough motivation. This picture doesn't even show half of them!

While I was working in the closet Westin was on the floor next to me. He had made a LOUD noise and I knew I need to change his diaper but then forgot. I guess I had waited too long! YUCK!

Have you ever heard of Skype? I'm sure you have, but if not it is the most fantastic thing. It's FREE! We video chat with our families nearly everyday! We all love it including Westin!

10 March 2010

Westin's Room

When we were trying to figure out how to arrange Westin's room we decided to give him the bigger room. We just couldn't fit an extra bed and his crib comfortably.

The blanket on the bed my Mom made for me when I graduated High School. I love and am so glad we were able to work it in!  The cornice board was made by Matt and I. It was really fun and we made a matching one for the other window in the room.

This is his "dresser". The lamp was found near a dumpster, nothing a little bit of paint wouldn't fix.
The Teddy Bear plaque in the middle was in my Grandma's house when I was growing up. When she passed away I was able to have it and now it goes in Westin's room since he got Grandma's last name for his middle name.

His bed. I made the blanket before we knew what his name was but I wanted to put some letter on it.

Just a final picture of my buddy. Matt is always putting head phones on him. He was really interested in what he was listening to.

09 March 2010

7 Months & New Tricks

  Westin has a new trick. In the video it looks like we started him on his side but he did that all on his own. Please excuse me screaming in the background. I was just a bit excited.   
Heres to 7 months!

01 March 2010

Arizona Visit

This first picture is from Westin's doctors appointment, that was actually after this trip to Arizona.

A while ago Southwest had tickets on sale for $25 to Arizona we should have bought more. Westin and I headed to Arizona the weekend before Valentines day and Matt went up to Utah with some friends for a ski trip.

We first stayed with Grandma Pobst for a day. This swing they have is just perfect for Westin. He loves to hang out in it.

We headed over to Grandma Bairs house for the rest of the weekend. On Saturday the whole family came over including Great Grandma and Grandpa!

The three cousins....somehow we got them all looking...forward.

Logan couldn't get enough of this riding toy.

Westin was totally interested in Logan this trip. He was reaching for him the whole day.

I got a lot of Logan, he was being so cute. I can't wait until Westin can move around with him.

Before everyone left we put the kids in the bath for a cousin bath. I didn't really get good picture of it. Grace was looking especially cute after with Grandma.

The whole day I was trying to get everyone to do a craft no one was interested. We were able to stay until Monday evening. Matt caught a flight that went through Phoenix. We flew back on the same flight. So nice since Westin wasn't very excited to be on the plane.