21 May 2010

The Next Day

 Rebecca and her family came to church with us! This was the first time I met Dave (her husband). The best part about htis day was when someone asked if she was related to me because we look so much a like. 
When we were younger we always told people we were sisters, maybe even twins some times! Glad we've still got it!

I love this picture, classic Isaiah and classic Ashlynn. At least this is how she was for me most of the trip.
Love you guys!

P.S. Something I wanted to remember. We went to the yearly garage sale in Newport on Saturday. Rebecca met us there and we all got lots of stuff. (Nothing compared to last year) We did get a free bike trailer and sold it later.
Anyway, after the garage sale we went to a favorite place to eat, T.K. Burger. This place is right on the beach. Most people come from off the beach to eat. It's delicious, why wouldn't they? While we were waiting for our food and Rebecca made an observation.
"It's like a different culture down here"
So true Rebecca, so true. I noticed it when we first moved here (2 years ago) and still notice it. People walk around in bathing suits all day long. It makes total sense, we are at the beach. What else do they where? Sometimes its shocking to be in a restaurant and see girls in a bikini and boys in board-shorts, no shirt. Usually shoe less, even though they had to cross a street, PCH.
 We love it down here, although we would love more room we can't bring ourselves to move from the beach. It's just perfect!

19 May 2010

Fun Day in the Sun

A few weeks back my REALLY good friend Rebecca Lainhart came to visit ME! She's one of those friends where we could not talk for months or longer and pick up right where we left off when we get meet up again. Love her!

This cute kid is Isaiah. He is a month or so younger then Westin. Whenever he wanted attention he would stare at with a huge grin on his face. Westin loved his new friend.

This cutie is Ashlynn. I had never met her before. Actually I ad never met Rebecca's husband Dave until the day after this.

Westin and Isaiah got along really well. All they wanted to do was wrestle, and Westin started it with the ear grab.

Isaiah came back with a round house to the gut.

Plus a neck grab.

Somehow Westin learned how to use a gun, and aim it at his Dad. Yikes

Can't go without doing a photo shoot.

We can't forget the Foote's came too. We love when those guys come too. Come back soon!

After we hung out at the beach we headed to a church softball game for Westin. 
See this beautiful girl, Hilarry. She's our neighbor along with her husband Preston. They L.O.V.E Westin. In fact I don't ever see Westin at church because he is with them.

Some guy on the other team throw the ball as hard as he could RIGHT AT Matt. Ok, not really, but he was trying to get him out and managed to hit his shin with the ball. Gross.

17 May 2010

Red Face

The day after Easter (I know, I'm so far behind) we gave Westin some yogurt. The plain stuff, and non-fat. (Gross) He liked it, well sort of. Its a texture thing with him.

After a while we noticed some splotching on his face, then all of a sudden his entire face was red! 
It made it really hard to look at. It was scary in fact!

We put him in the bath right away. Luckily, it didn't seem to bother him...at all. In fact he was just his happy self. 

This picture isn't the best.....bathroom lighting is the worst!

I really want this to go away, I think he will L.O.V.E. cheese!

12 May 2010

Easter/Conference Weekend

We were so lucky to have the Pobst's visit us for Easter/Conference weekend.

We watched as much conference as we could but also played a lot too.

Aaron (Matt's brother) loves to snuggle with Westin. Aaron slept most of the weekend and walked around with his shirt off a lot. Westin wanted to be just like him.

On Saturday afternoon we headed down to Crystal Cove and Laguna Beach. Crystal cove has a restaurant we have heard is delicious but it was a 2 hour wait and we had some hungry people with us.
We did get some great pictures though!

After we tried here we headed to our favorite Mexican place called La Sirena, it is so delicious!

On Sunday, instead of giving Westin an Easter Basket we took him to the park. I can't believe how much he loves the swings!

Thank goodness his Grandpa loves to push him too!

Mitzi was with us too, and I couldn't figure out why she was shaking. We thought maybe she was cold but hten I realized I was snapping my gum. It FREAKS her out!

Just a few more of those yummy cheeks!

11 May 2010

Oatmeal for Breakfast

From the looks of it you would think I let him feed himself. However, that is not the case!
Somehow we always manage to make a mess and when his Dad does it, it's even worse!

I'd clean up this face anytime!

For quite some time Westin has loved eating oatmeal with bananas every morning for breakfast. This past week he hasn't shown as much love. Bummer, now what do I give him!

Way Back When

Way back when my parents were in town...Grandma & Grandpa Bair we had a bonfire!

We enjoyed S'mores!

We sat in front of the fire and enjoyed the heat with the cool breeze at our backs.

Westin enjoyed being cuddled by Grandpa Bair.

Also there was our friends Preston and Hilary. We loved having them tag along and take these AWESOME pictures for us!

03 May 2010

Caught Red Handed

 A few weeks back, Westin was caught red handed emptying out his wipes. What a little stinker.

This was the first of many times that he did it.

Now when he can't get the package open, he gets so frustrated.