21 August 2011

Weekend of the 4th Part III - July 4th!

I have vowed to never spend a 4th of July away from the beach again. Especially Huntington Beach. We all loaded up on our bikes and headed down for a BBQ and the parade. We had 4 bikes and a tandem bike plus Westin in his seat.

When the basketball float went by of course we had to have Westin show off his skills, we even brought a ball with us which was lucky.

Of course he made it.

After the parade we headed to the beach. This was Westin's first time being interested in the water. He never even wanted to walk towards it until this day, now he now ever go back.

It was pretty warm that day so getting in the water was fun. Just to the knees was far enough for me though. After the beach we rode our bikes and our stuff back to our place showered and everyone headed to see transformers in 3d at the IMAX theatre. After that we rode our bikes back down to the beach for fireworks, we made a dinner stop at TK burger then sat right by the water for the show. We sat close enough to the pier to hear the music playing. In years past I never knew they even played music. Westin loved the show and looked especially cute in his Christmas pj's. 

Weekend of the 4th Part II

On Sunday evening after church everyone except me headed to a putting green. This is of course one of Westin's favorite places to visit plus his Grandpa and Uncle love the game.

I stayed back to get the house back in order. Having 6 adults takes a toll on a 2 bedroom apartment. I did hear that Westin learned what a bunker is and can now correctly identify it.

Weekend of the 4th Part I

We had so much fun with Matt's family over the fourth of July. The first day we hiked up to the Hollywood sign, or as close as we could get. I think people took turns carrying Westin. He only weighs 25 pounds and has for about 8 months.

Westin has a camelback water bottle but he thinks sharing with his Aunt Camille was really fun. They walked like this for most of the hike. Good thing though, it was pretty hot out there.

I really love this picture. I think everyone looks great and Westin is at least looking.

Granpa Shawn and Grandma RaDean were with us but I didn't get pictures of them except for the back of Grandpa.

After hiking we went to Pink's hot dogs which wasn't so great then we went to Diddy Riese, which is a ice cream cookie sandwich. We have had friends tell us since we moved out here we need to go and it was not a disappointment. 
Later that night I was in a 4th of July show just singing. I'm not sure why I signed up but I enjoyed my time in it.

Oceanside -- LegoLand

The next day on Saturday we spent the day at Lego Land. We met up with the Barnums at their hotel to eat some good breakfast. When I walked in to our "Continental Breakfast" at our hotel I literally laughed. It was next to nothing in there and then some coffee.

Lego Land was a fun place if your child was tall enough for rides. That was kind of a let down for us. He did love the little splash park by some of the water rides. He played there for a bout an hour. We weren't prepared with a swimming suit though.

They also have an aquarium you can check out. Westin really liked that and talking about all the fish. This picture was looking in on Westin and I in the middle of a doughnut shaped tank.

They had only one place for you to touch something, and I don't even remember what we touched. Probably a starfish.

We had fun but won't be going back until after Westin and the rest of the kids are tall enough to enjoy the rides, or we will go to the water park.

On the way home we stopped a the Crate and Barrel outlet, I can't stay away from that place. We ended up with a couple of cool things our favorite a patio umbrella. Westin got a little tired and fell right asleep in Matt's arm, a VERY rare occasion.

20 August 2011


The next weekend after my birthday we headed down for a weekend in Oceanside with the Barnums.  We started with the beach on Friday.

Just like whenever Matt gets together with his friends they revert back to when they were young. They dragged each other around for about an hour. They sure do look like they are enjoying themselves though.

That night we went to some pizza place as a big group. It was quite the experience with getting burnt pizza but then enjoying some cotton candy that Westin loved.