30 June 2009

Memorial Weekend!

My brother and his wife had their baby! My babies cousin! It's gonna be so fun having a close cousin! We made a special trip out to Arizona to see him and he is perfect! Alicia may not agree since she is with him all day long and misses out on sleep. He is seriously so cute! It makes me so excited to see our little guy!

So teh trip from the beginning goes like this... Drive Friday afternoon with Matt's sister Allison and her husband Justin and Emily, their daughter. We spent WAY too long at the outlet mall. We finally made it to Matt's parents house and enjoyed the rest of the evening with them. On Saturday I headed to my parents house to hang out with my parents and Matt met with his friend Ian to go hiking and enjoy the heat. I stayed in doors, in air conditioned doors!

Later that night we headed to Gilbert to see The Thompson's and The Bair's! We had a great time taking pictures of Logan and the family. I wish I could be with them all the time to snap some great shots of this chubby little guy!

After our photo shoot we were gonna head to our favorite pizza place, downtown, Biancos Pizzeria. You might remember it from our Last night in Phoenix. Matt and I headed down to put our name in. We were got there about 6 and the guy in the parking lot tells us its gonna be a 4 or 5 hour wait!! SERIOUSLY!! Thats wild! The place is good but we were not in any mood to wait that long and we had babies meeting us there so that was not gonna work out. We were bummed because we just had to go home when we could have been hanging out with my family!

Sunday we enjoyed my parents ward, and going to see Matt's sister Camille give a talk in her ward. We had a wonderful dinner at the Pobst home. Delicious. We always eat so well when we go to Arizona!

On Monday I spent the day with my Mom, sister, Grace, RaDean (Matt's mom) and Emily. We made some cards and just hung out and talked. Matt's family went on an all day hike, through water and waterfalls! They really had a blast and I was pretty jealous I couldn't go. We ended up staying until Tuesday morning.

Trip to Oakland!

The weekend after Hawaii we headed up to Oakland to see the Premier of Disney Pixar's UP! It was fantastic, we really enjoyed the movie and the fun times we had the weekend. All the pictures are curtesy of Rachel. She is a fabulous photographer! Thanks Rachel!

These boys all went to BYU at the same time and hung out...from what I understand.
From left to right... Jake, Tom, Lee & Matt. The Heymans left just before the pictures so we are missing Chris. We always enjoy hanging out with our friends up there. It's nice they all live fairly close to each other so we could enjoy everyone's company! Funny thing about the group is 3 of the girls are pregnant. 2 of us are due on the same day and one is due 5 days before us! It's gonna be pretty fun if we continue to get together!

This picture is classic. Matt is always trying to plant a juicy kiss on me!

Right before the beach we had a barbecue and the boys enjoyed playing some ball, in the mud! It was pretty disgusting!

We went to the beach on Saturday because it was supposed to be in the 90's. It was quite warm out but the water was still ICY cold. It seriously hurt to stand in. The boys played a for a few minutes but mostly skim boarded and played games on the sand.

This is Jake and Rachel. They were so kind to invite us up there to see the movie and put us up in their apartment! We had so much fun you guys, everyone should come down here now!

Hawaii Day 8

On our last day we mostly did traveling. It was Mother's day so we got to talk to my brother Matthew. We planned it so we got to the airport like 3 hours early so we could be in on the conversation.

We had a whole day of traveling! Thank you to the Steve, Natalie and Marlie who spent their Mother's Day evening picking us up at the LAX airport.

We really enjoyed our Hawaii trip and can't wait to go again! I think Matt is already talking about going next summer for 2 weeks.

Hawaii Day 7

Saturday we enjoyed getting into Hanauma Bay. It was so fun! Well Matt really enjoyed it. I had a hard time with me goggles ones again, and it scares me to not be able to stand. I did enjoy the time I was out there and wished I wasn't too chicken to go out all the way.

Just hanging out on the beach!

This is what the Bay looks like, so gorgeous!

Where we set up camp... check out my fashionable hat. I know you've seen it before but I figured I better mention it since its so awesome!

Can't forget our new pose!

In the afternoon we headed to the swap meet. We got quite a few things, 5 pairs of shoes for my Mom. Mothers Day gifts, birthday gifts and thank you gifts. We also both got T-shirts. It was the best place to get everything.....for the most part.

So Matt really wanted to check out China Town to see all the cheap fruit. Once we got there I realized I wasn't gonna have fun. It smelled SO HORRIBLE!!

Matt enjoying some fruit!

Still stinks!

Seriously, just hanging there. We watched a guy cut one of the arms off with a saw!

One of my many new poses!

Matt enjoying the designs of buildings!

I dont' know if you noticed but I had to use many different methods of blocking my nose. I couldn't hold my breath any longer! We had to GO!

Later that night we enjoyed a walk on the beach trying to capture the sunset but there were too many people in our way. Instead we got this picture!

and this picture!

Then we had some delicious pizza at California Pizza Kitchen!

29 June 2009

Hawaii Day 5 & 6

Not a whole lot happened on Day 5. We did a lot of driving, which isn't a bad thing since the island is so pretty. We made a stop at BYU Hawaii which wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. We had an interesting conversation with the lady in the information center. We asked her what there was cool to see and she said what do you want to see? We told her we asked her because we don't know what there is cool to see. Matt and I laughed so hard and she just stared at us. She was not helpful.

From there we drove to Turtle Bay and didn't see any turtles and we made a stop at a fruit stand on the side of the road. It was pretty yummy. then we headed to another beach I forgot the name of and saw LOTS and LOTS of turtles I guess this is where they feed them so they tend to hang out more there. It was pretty fun to see them all but it was really hot and crowded so we stayed for only a few minutes.

We decided to try snorkeling out in sharks cove. There were a TON of fish and it was really fun. I don't enjoy snorkeling as much as Matt but it was good for me to see it. That is when my goggles were filling up with water.

That day we tried to head down to Pearl Harbor but by the time we got there it was closed, which was a bummer. We headed back to our hotel and went out for a nice dinner at Macaroni Grill. It was actually quite delicious!

Just a cute picture of us at this look out point on one of the freeways. Matt posed with a peace sign because we saw A LOT of people doing it. We figured we better join in!

Day 6

On Friday We tried heading strait to Honauma Bay to do snorkeling. It was full by the time we got there at 9:30. We were totally bummed and tried driving back and forth to see if it would open up for us. But nothing. So we decided to head to Sandy Beach again...I didn't get in the water this time. Too scary or me!

This is Matt body surfing he got pretty good but the locals were really riding those waves!

After that we headed to Pearl Harbor and were able to join in on the fun there. It was all free and we both really enjoyed looking at the exhibits and watching the video. I went through the exhibits a little faster then Matt, which is pretty normal.

We took this picture of the sub marine for Matt's dad.

Matt was pretending to be scaring all the people on board the ship. I think it may have worked. He at least scared the Asian guy standing next to me watching Matt pose.

Pretty cute Huh?

The names of all the people who died the day of Pearl Harbor, pretty intimidating wall.

18 June 2009

Hawaii Day 4

Wednesday was such a blast!
We got a new rental car. One we didn't have to wear sun screen when we drove somewhere. We headed strait to the kayaking rental place and loaded up our stuff. We jumped in the warm water and started out to the little island. Once there we realized it was a waste of time so we headed out to the bigger one!
On the way there I noticed something that looked like trash floating in the water. As we got closer we realized it was a TURTLE! It was so awesome! When we were right next to him he came up for a big breath and dove back in the water. It all happened too quickly, we didn't have a chance to get a picture.
Traveling out to the island was WAY harder then we thought. Especially since we were going against the wind. (We were hoping on the way back we could use the wind) Once out there it was fun to look back at the island and see it as a whole. Matt quickly made friends with an Australian guy (surprise surprise) and they decided to go snorkeling together. I stayed back and enjoyed the sun. It was a little bit scary to me with a lot of movement in the water...small waves.
Another view of the island. It's pretty isn't it?

Matt enjoying the water. I think he looks kind of goofy!

Please don't mind my uncovered white legs. The island behind us was the third island we could have gone to but we were too pooped.

On our way back the wind had died. It was so hard to go back, we were exhausted. Matt wanted to swim back and drag me in the boat. ISN'T HE CRAZY! Then he jumped in to go snorkeling and I tried to leave him but ended up taking the boat in a circle since there was so much weight in the front.
Matt nearly made me pee in the boat because he kept trying to make beats to us paddling and wanted us to add extra moves to try to make it more exciting! Seriously, that guy is HILARIOUS!

Self portrait of us in front of our boat.

After snorkeling we enjoyed Bob's pizza again! So delicious. Oh and by the way we kayaked out of Kailua beach. We then headed over to Lanikea beach and enjoyed some snorkeling and some relaxing on the beach. After a while what seemed to be a city team or maybe a school team came out and took these HUGE kayaks out to the ocean and were practicing. It was fun to watch and it looked like it would have been a fun sport to enjoy in high school.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Sandy Beach. My sister had previously told me numerous times to not go because it nearly killed her. We of course had to see what the fuss was about so we stopped to enjoy it. It was pretty wild and I got knocked over a few times. It had a strong shore break which made it hard to get out of the water. When we got home we read something that was telling tourists to STAY OUT! I guess we should have listened to my sister!

05 June 2009

Hawaii Day 3

Our Aniversary! We enjoyed our 2 year anniversary doing some pretty exciting things!

Tuesday was a little bit more relaxed. Mostly because I was exhausted and we didn't have really good plans so we just drove around a lot.

It started with a scenic drive up Tantus Mountain. I started to drive because all the turns and ups and downs on the road was making me sick. I then drove for most of the rest of the trip. I think it works out for the better. Matt could see all the sights while driving and I was able to keep my food down.

While at the top of the mountain we enjoyed Chicken Alfredo on our camping stove. This might have been my favorite meal and it was made by Matt!

After lunch we enjoyed a short hike. It was pretty warm and I was getting tired. We did make time for a few photos!

We then headed to Punch Bowl, we didn't take any pictures but it was a memorial site. We enjoyed it for some water and a bathroom break.

Matt had been dying to drive on the H3 which takes you to the other side of the island. He read somewhere that it cost $100 Million a mile, we figured it must be a site to see. It was beautiful but a little scary to drive through this LONG tunnel that went straight through a mountain.

We knew we wanted to go Kayaking so we checked that out in Kailua. Once again we were hungry so we headed to Bob's Pizza. It was so yummy and pretty inexpensive! There was also a snow cone place so we made sure to head over and get some yummy treats!

We started to head back to our hotel and stopped at one of the many look out points along the highway. There we saw these crazy guys kiteflying off a cliff. It looked pretty scary to me and very hard to steer that huge thing around!

That night I really wanted to get some good food because most of our dinners turned out to be pretty disappointing so far. We had this restaurant all picked out and headed out. We had a hard tiem finding it then it was closed! So then we tried to drive around and find a place we thought looked good but had no luck. We ended up trying this Mexican cart that was right next to a fish tacos place so we would both be happy. My food was not that great but Matt loved his! So this is what our anniversary dinner looked like.