16 November 2009

Arizona Trip, October!

Westin and I headed to Arizona for our first airplane trip, out of utero. Westin did fabulous! I couldn't have asked for anything better!

Grandma was so happy to hold her little baby!

Marlee and Sammy came over. Marley daughter Madison was born 1 month after Westin and I couldn't believe how tiny she was.

We obviously have to work on them being friends.

Since Westin loves his baths I was excited to see how he would do in Grandmas sink.

He didn't mind it but he obviously looks uncomfortable!

Loving life, talking to Grandma Pobst

I think it was love at first sight. Westin couldn't take his eyes off him and Logan wanted nothing but the eyes!

It was a staring contest.

I think Westin lost!

Matt and his Dad scheming up something.

The babies of the Pobst Family.

Laughing at Grandma! She is so funny!

Westin loved his Ghost shirt, even if no one understood it.

Great Grandma

Just some fun family shots!

Westin apparently loved being an army guy! Wasn't he so so so cute!

08 November 2009

Celebrating 3 Months

Westin Turned 3 months old today! We love this guy so much! Check out how cute he is, about half way through he is laughing at his Dad. (Sorry the camera is shaky, I had to hold it at a wierd angle.

Westin still is such a good baby. He loves to be talked to and will always talk back. He still sleeps through the night and takes 4 naps a day! He enjoys car rides, usually. He gets sucked into watching TV. He loves to take baths and I am convinced he will be just like his Dad and prefer bathing to showering! He still loves his bouncer and swing. He is starting to have an interest in his play mat but can't quite grab anything. He throws his arm at toys but hasn't figured out his hand yet.

Don't worry. I still have Halloween pictures to put up!

04 November 2009

BYU Game in San Diego

We headed down to San Diego with the same group as Disneyland and more!

Westin was loving every minute of the game.

Even when he was asleep. This kid slept through cannons and cheers with no problem!

The Lyons enjoying their new phones instead of the game.

We had some awesome times!

Westin even took 2 naps and talked his Dad into falling asleep with him.

It was like loud noises put him to sleep!

We had a blast and BYU won!

Love our homemade shirts?
Westins came from Toy Bow Tees!