25 October 2011

Hopkinson Reunion - Day 4

Today was the Main Event!
We all met at a park in Bear Lake for the activities and good food. First things first, before all the kids got too dirty we did the group picture. It turned out pretty good, don't ya think?

Next up, the cousins. These are all my Grandma Donna's grandkids. How fun is it that we were all there?

Ryan Hopkinson Family

Lisa Bair Family

Royce Piggott Family

The siblings.

Next up, the fun.

We played lots of games. Like bite the doughnut off the string

Then off to water balloon volleyball, catch and throw the water balloon with a towel and a partner.

Water relay.

Lining up for the tug of war.

The best picture of the day...the Great Grand kids picture. Please notice my sweetheart on the right side having a total melt down.

21 October 2011

Hopkinson Reunion - Day 3

On Friday we took a beach day. It was nice and warm out so getting in the cool water felt nice. The water was so shallow you could walk way out there. I think the little kids loved it.

All day we just hung out and enjoyed all the snacks and the kids playing so well.

Family picture, don't you love the tan lines...

Matt actually fell asleep up there.

He was actually peeling his dead sunburned skin off his back, true cousins.

Apparently we have some bum issues...

Westin pooped and so I took his diaper off and apparently his shorts just don't quite fit. He sure did love his freedom though.

Then the naps started to come.

Just some of the details oh the cabin, just a few.

Lots of people would make us go through a lot of cups, what a great idea.

In the basement was the dart board and a pool table.

Friday night was date night, with the kids. We got some shakes from "in town".