26 January 2009

Sad Sad Day

Today was one of the sadest days for me. We were at church preparing for Sunday School and I reached down for my scriptures, pulled my hand back up and hit the hymm book holder with my ring. Now this happens all the time. I hit the ring on something at least once a week if not more. This time I hit it perfectly on a prong so that it BROKE and the Diamon popped out! I am SO lucky I noticed it when I did other wise it could have been vacummed up later never to be seen!! I am so sad, the ring looks so gross now. We have to send it up to Utah because thats where we got it from. SO it could be who knows how long before I get it back?

23 January 2009


I've been doing a lot of sewing lately. I really enjoy it even though I get frustrated with it sometimes. I wish I had more projects to do.

My latest project was sewing ribbon on to towels. You see even though we moved into a bigger place our bathroom is smaller. There is only one towel rack and it barely fits one towel on it. We need at least room for 2 and we always have visitors so we need room for more. My Mom showed me this great way to add more. Now I obviously didn't have to add the ribbon to it but it brings more color and its fun.

13 January 2009

We tried ...

This past Saturday we went up to L.A. to try our luck at the lottery for Wicked tickets. What happens is they have the whole front row of 26 tickets up for lottery and they are only $25. So you go, wait in line to put your name on a card. They put it in a wheel and call out names. Only 13 names get called out, and they each get 2 tickets, unless you go by yourself you can buy only 2.

We put our name in along with 300 other people and never got called. :( Sunday was the last day Wicked was in L.A. So that was our last chance.

The rest of the day we walked down Hollywood Blvd. Drove up to the Griffith Observatory and drove down Santa Monica Blvd to the Temple. The Temple was Awesome! I had never seen it before and it was HUGE! We got some cool pictures of it.

09 January 2009


Ok this isn't quite what happened last night but we did have an Earthquake! First one I've ever been in and it was pretty wild. No warning, all the sudden you are shaking! No worries though, we are all okay, nothing too dramatic happened.

03 January 2009

Still Here. Just Busy

Well we returned homed from our 2 week vacation to Arizona all in one piece. We had such a wonderful time with both families. The first week was spent with my family. My little brother left for his mission, thats why we went early, to send him off. Unfortunatly I spent most of my time on the coach with a tiny cold and a stomach ach. The second week was spent with Matt's family. Both his sisters were home and we had so much fun together. I was feeling better until a few days after Christmas. We spent some time with my sister and Grace and Chad were sick with the Flu. I got what they had and spent Saturday in front of the toilet.

We had a great Christmas, I got s floor lamp, some pots and pans, money, french fry cutter and a bunch of fun frames. Matt got some money, which he already spent, a wet suit, some movies and I got him a Skim board! I loves to use our neighbors. I figured his very own would suit him well! Now he is an official California boy.

The trip ended up being great for me. I lost close to 10 pounds!! I'm glad we are back though. I just love being home. Especially now that we are moving! yep, thats right from #10 to #11. We are upgrading to a 2 bedroom place. The past few days have been spent painting and cleaning so we can move out stuff in. We are so excited to have more space this 1 bedroom is nice but we have NO room.

I wish I had pictures to post, but due the move our computer is unplugged.