28 July 2010


Westin hasn't been blogged about in a while. Here's the run down on whats been going on the few months.

May 6, 2010 he started to crawl. He was just 2 days shy of being 10 months old. During the day I noticed his leg move a tiny bit when he would rock to his hands. When Matt got home we pulled out the camera and were able to get his first crawl on video. 
Until then he wouldn't move from sitting unless I moved him. It was fabulous. I could be in the other room and I knew he would be fine and not get into anything. I could put him to sleep on any bed and he wold be fine. Not the case anymore and it is such a bummer!

Over Memorial weekend (end of May) he decided he wanted to start rolling. That night was not so much fun. He would roll over in bed, sit up and then not know what to do except cry. He figured it all out and now sleeps happily on his stomach. Which is actually cute.

Sometimes he wakes uncomfortable and not a happy camper. 

Right after he started to crawl I put him in the laundry basket to keep him contained for a minute. Doesn't work anymore.

He can now pull himself up to furniture and move around it. He won't walk while holding our hands but he just yesterday started to stand by himself for a few seconds until he realizes what is happening.

This rocking chair was a find at a garage sale. The plan was to repaint or stain it but that hasn't happened. Westin loves the rocking chair and would put on a real show as soon as we put him in it.

The first video is him talking to his Grandma RaDean.

Untitled from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

I hope you don't get motion sick from watching this video.

Rocking Out from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

Remember when I said my friend Rebecca came to visit? Well now she has moved here! It was a stressful process but they are here and loving it. Westin has a best friend with Isaiah. They light up every time they see each other.

27 July 2010

Yamnik's Come to Visit

Matts friend from High School, Patrick and his wife Maryanne came to visit us. Well, not just us they had a whole long list of people they were stopping to see. We were some of the lucky ones and we live close to Disneyland.

Westin loved hanging out with Maryanne. She was always doing and saying something fun.

Random Small world picture from line.

Westin really enjoyed the rides but especially liked "It's A Small World"

We really enjoyed our company and invite anyone else to come and stay!

Galaxy Soccer

Matt, Westin & I headed to the Los Angeles Galaxy Soccer game. Westin did not appreciate the fireworks before the game started.

Nothing a drink from the water fountain can't heal.

Westin we were getting baked in the sun on the other side so we headed to the shade during half time (is it called half time in soccer) 

Afterwards we enjoyed the delicious Five Guys. 

Memorial Weekend

Our cousin picture attempt, Logan was not enjoying life until we pulled the camera then Westin was the one who hated life. Luckily Grace girl is so good!

We headed to the heat for Memorial Day. We spent time with family and friends and really enjoyed it. The drive there was kind of a nightmare, luckily Grandma Bair was with us and helped out with Westin.

We got the cousins together and they enjoyed each other except when Westin made any sort of noise. Logan would cry and cry and cry. He missed his Mom we think. 

This made him enjoy snuggling though and that does not happen with Logan.

Great Grandpa came to visit and brought a toy. We didn't get a picture of it but Westin loved Great Grandmas earrings. He would grab her chin and turn it just to get closer to the earrings.

I think they all have the same eyes. 

The boys play so well together, its going to be so fun when they grow up!

Westin loved taking a dip in the warm pool. I think it was his first time going under the water. 

Notice the guys and notice the rocks. Within 2 minutes of them swimming they had this game going and who knows what it was?

19 July 2010

Fathers and Sons

May 21, 2010 Matt and Westin went to the Fathers and Sons camp out. They didn't even go out of the Huntington Beach City boundaries. I wanted them to stay the night but Matt wasn't going for it. I guess it would have been for the better. 

Westin was the official dog watcher. I didn't find this out until later but Mitzi pulled Westin so hard the stroller tipped over (or as Matt just said or it gently fell over and Jordan caught it). 

I'm not exactly sure the story behind this but all I know is Westin loves sippy cups and that one is not his.

one last picture just for fun since there wasn't one of the Father and the Son together.

16 July 2010


Matt's cousin Jordan and his wife Larissa came to visit. They were here for a week and we did a lot of beach time and eating time.

Westin was sure to show off his tricks. He loves balls. Any ball. He plays catch with you and its so great. When he first started to crawl he would put the ball in his mouth then crawl around with it. What a goof!

I'm not a huge fan of this picture but its fun I guess. We went to out for lunch to a sea food place. It was down in Newport and I don't remember the name. It was fancy but I didn't like it. Oh well, we enjoyed the company though.

Westin always makes a sour face when he eats lemons but he goes back for more.

Why he won't look at the camera I'm not sure but Westin and I only have a few pictures together and most of those are from the hospital.

After lunch we enjoyed a walk around Balboa cove. We all had balboa bars and we people watched from the pier for a while.

Jordan and Westin were buds. I think Jordan is covering up a sunburn on his arm.

We also had a bon fire complete with s'mores and braut worst. 

Westin loved looking at the fire. Luckily he wasn't interested in jumping in.

I just love pictures of me after a day at the beach. Frizzy hair is awesome!

So handsome. Seriously.

May 15 2010

13 July 2010

A Crack Up

Untitled from Christi Pobst on Vimeo.

This video was taken back in March. Westin was talking to hi Grandma Bair on skype. He started this new laugh that was more like a gag....

08 July 2010

Summer Starts and the Visitors Come!

The very next weekend we had visitors join us! The Barnum Family had been to Disneyland and wanted to make one stop at the beach. We went out to breakfast first thing. Sugar Shack. We waited and waited to eat some yummy food. Sugar Shack is famous for their breakfast.

 Michael's glamour shot. It was cold and windy at the beach, typical of Huntington.

Ethan loved playing around but eventually was too cold to do anything!

Until he got buried but his uncle.

Why is this so fun to people. I think its gross. Who would want sand in ever. single. crevice.

Ever since Westin's sunburn, his skin hasn't seen the sun.  Kidding. Sort of.

Again, what is so cool about digging a hole? My Dad, brothers, uncle, cousin and even my husband do it. I guess at least they are burying themselves in it?

The girls & Westin & Ethan sat and chatted. Well, Cat played "Angry Birds" Westin clapped and Ethan slept.

dd in a kite and it was a fantastic time at the beach.

Matt's cousin Jordan and his wife Larissa also joined us for the week. They came all the way from Idaho to enjoy our cold weather. I guess it was warm for them.

May 15, 2010

06 July 2010

A Busy Day

Back in May we had plans for the entire day. First thing in the morning we went for a service project put on by the church. We were pulling ENORMOUS weeds and spreading mulch everywhere. The end result was very nice looking but it was far from during it.

To relax from all the grueling work we did we headed to the beach. Nothing special happened and no pictures to show for it.

Next up was a birthday party. A boy in our ward was turning 12 and had a train party. He invited Westin to join (and Matt). We got to ride on these fun trains through fields. They were perfect for Westin, he never protested so I think he enjoyed himself.

While at the party, Westin became friends with a cousin of the birthday boy. This kid LOVED Westin and entertained him for a good half hour. Since this time we have seen him a few times randomly and he always remembers us.

Westin is deciding if he should put the rocks in his mouth. The process usually only takes seconds and the it always ends up with the same answer. Yes.

Later that night we had Stake Softball and I was very excited they had a girls game. Matt played his game then off to mine we went. Westin stayed up way to late and I ended up pulling some muscle but it was totally worth it. I love to hit the ball!

Early in the afternoon I realized Westin had a sunburn. A really really bad sunburn. It was from the morning service project. I had planned on him being in the stroller the entire time but he ended up being put in a back pack carrier and got fried. I felt like mother of the year for that one.

Many of our weekends have looked like this since summer began and that is the reason I have been so far behind on my blogging.

May 8, 2010