24 October 2007

Matt's little trip to California

So Matt is in California right now driving to drop off doors to some customers for his previous employer( long story) So I found a hotel for him and the directions and I was just telling him over the phone, well unfortunately google maps doesn't know which roads are blocked so his exit was blocked and I had to find a new route, not hard since I was in front of the computer ready. I tell him a new way but he gets a little lost. I am basically following his every move on the phone telling him to look out for this street turn here and turn there. I twas actually quite funny when you think about it. He is there safe and is going to be leaving bright and early to head up to some house in a city called Lockwood then over to Fresno and back home. We are hoping he will be here on Friday afternoon. That is the funny story for tonight, you might just have had to be there.


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The Hatch Family said...

That is nice that there is a man out there who will ask for directions! Too funny. You are going to tease him about this for awhile I'm sure.