20 February 2008

Little Baby Emily

This last weekend we headed up to Utah for a Sealing, Skiing, and a Blessing.

Thursday night we flew in and at was freezing. We stayed in a teancy Hotel 6 in Bountiful. We had the heater blazing. Friday morning was the sealing (more pics to follow). We met Matt's cousin's fiance Larissa. That night we stayed in Provo with James and Paula Speirs.

Saturday was the skiing. Matt and Justin went up to Brighton to meet up with Justin's parents. They spent a half day up there and headed home for lunch at Tucano's. Well, Justin had to go to work but everyone else went to Tucanos.

Sunday was the blessing. Emily's dress is too cute. It is big enough, or long enough, to fit a six-year old.
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Thompson Family said...

Cute pictures. I love the one of her smiling in her crib.

The Hatch Family said...

Very cute pictures. That is the cutest little cake.