13 January 2009

We tried ...

This past Saturday we went up to L.A. to try our luck at the lottery for Wicked tickets. What happens is they have the whole front row of 26 tickets up for lottery and they are only $25. So you go, wait in line to put your name on a card. They put it in a wheel and call out names. Only 13 names get called out, and they each get 2 tickets, unless you go by yourself you can buy only 2.

We put our name in along with 300 other people and never got called. :( Sunday was the last day Wicked was in L.A. So that was our last chance.

The rest of the day we walked down Hollywood Blvd. Drove up to the Griffith Observatory and drove down Santa Monica Blvd to the Temple. The Temple was Awesome! I had never seen it before and it was HUGE! We got some cool pictures of it.


Cassie said...


Sorry, this is not related to your post, but reading your post made me think of this. I just got a hold of Stephanie Gray (I know, I put it off for a while). Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending me her information. She is going to help us out so much!! And she is just the sweetest lady! I am so glad you sent me her number...I can't wait to recommend her to other brides.

Thank you!

Us Bailey's said...

Oh, I am sorry your name didn't get called. That is one show I want to see as well. And thanks for getting all this family scrapbook stuff put together! WOW what a job. Let me know if you need help. I have the blurb stuff on my computer and can design pages if you need!

Molly said...

Hollywood blvd is SO fun, Todd's mom used to have an apt in North Hollywood so we would go down that way and hang out. That temple is so cool! We went and did sealings on one of our vacations. I'm jealous that you guys live there and get to do all that fun stuff all the time!

Spencer and Marlee said...

Oh man I would have waited in line for wicked tickets too!! I LOVE LOVE the music, infact I have most of it memorized!! I am sure you are tired!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture of you.

We have wicked tickets for this summer when it comes here- I'm way excited.

It's time for a new header.