22 April 2009

2 New Camping Stoves - One Big, One Little

Some people like them small and portable. Just throw it in your backpack and go. Others like the two-burner bonus and the professional appearance. We went with the Lyons today to get some camping stoves for our up and coming camping trip with our REI gift cards from the DM quarterly meeting. Thanks DM. I got a little single burner backpacking stove and Nick got the gourmet dual-burner stove.

Also, we have one more garage sale item we didn't mention before. Nick found four Therm-a-Rest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad - for a dollar each and was nice enough to share the treasure with us. Today we saw the same sleeping pads for $60 at REI. That may be the largest markdown of the day.

Lets all hope our camping this trip doesn't end in a disaster like the Thompson's recent excursion. Considering we will be camping on a beach in the middle of Orange County and surfing all day I don't know what can go wrong.


Anonymous said...

i will be praying for you

Us Bailey's said...

Have fun camping! And your pictures on the beach are soo cute! Good job!

Mattrix said...

Those are some killer stoves