17 August 2009

Labor Day Run Down

Matt already put a short run down of how Mr Westin came.

I had my first contraction as I walked down our stairs heading to Babies "R" Us to get some last minute things. I wasn't sure if it was the real deal so we continued on our journey. While at the store and trying to get our 10% coupon (long story) I was having more contractions. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom so I still wasn't sure if this was the day. At 6:30pm when we left the store I called my mom and let her know my contractions for the last hour had been 3-5 mins apart for the last hour. She headed straight home to pack and head to the airport. I waited for a while thinking no way after only 1 hour of contractions should I go to the hospital. We finally headed out at 8:30 and made it to the hospital in Irvine around 9pm. My Mom made the 8:30 flight out, she must pack fast!

At the hospital they check to see if I'm dilated. Keep in mind this morning I was at a big fat 0. When they checked me, after more than 3 hours of contractions I was still at a 0! I looked at Matt and said "I can't do this at home, I have to stay". You see, by this time I was in tears during every contraction. The doctors thought I was dehydrated so they stuck an IV in me with a liter of fluid. After about an hour of that there was no change. Contractions were still the same and showing no signs of getting better. I still had progressed any either. They told me to go for a 2 hour walk and come back. We started down the hall way and I got nauseous, I felt like I needed food. Matt went back to ask what I could have and they said I needed to come lay down and no food. I got back to the room and threw up all over the bed. A little bit after that my Mom showed up, probably around 11. They came shortly after to check me and I got the GREATEST news of the night ... I was dilated to a 4!! Yep that's right, throwing up made me jump to a 4!!! The first thing I sad was can I have my epidural now? I was admitted to the hospital and about 2 hours later I received my epidural! It was AMAZING! I was completely numb, so much that I couldn't move my left leg on my own. After the epidural I was now at a 5.

We were all supposed to get sleep, Matt did. My Mom and I didn't. I had too much going on in my head. So sometime in the morning they checked me and I was at a 7. Things got moving pretty slowly after the epidural. They gave me some pitocin and said they'd come back later. Later turned out to be 2 hours later. I was checked once again and was at a 9.5 then finally about an hour later the doctor came in to deliver Westin! I pushed for about 25 mins and he was out!

While my Mom and Matt were watching the baby and telling me all about him the Doctor was stiching me up and trying to get me to stop bleeding. After 40 minutes of work and a 4 inch tear later I was finally able to put my legs down, not that I could feel it anyway. Although, after all that I felt like I was never going to feel the same again. I was naseous, light headed, and still couldn't feel my legs. (I wanted that feeling back) They gave me fenergan for my nausea which completly knocked me out, Thank Goodness! I fet so much better after.

Anyway, thats about it. We had our healthy baby boy at 11:31am and he weighed in at 8lbs 10oz.


Kimberly Giardino said...


Spencer and Marlee said...

I am just so jealous that you have a baby!! 3 more weeks!!! He is a cute little guy!! Good work girl!! CONGRATS!!!
ps I'm glad your Mom was able to make it!!!

James said...

That's an exciting story. Now we know kind of what we have to look forward to.

kris and cathy said...

Ok, I'm totally bugged that they "let" you tear so much. I realize they can't control it to some extent but that is a BIG TIME tear and it just irritates me. Mostly because I'm sad for you. Tell me when you guys are open and we'll bring that dinner over with our little gift. Congrats! Good work. You put it all so plainly but reading between the lines it sounded EXHAUSTING, long, and painful. Good work, you rock!

Ginny said...

Christi! That is so exciting! Westin is adorable! I LOVED my epidural as well but I seriously hate the feeling after! I hated not being able to really function on my own, and I got really nauseous too! These little babies are such a miracle! I can't believe they're finally here! YAY :)