19 October 2009

2 Months

Westin turned 2 months on October 8th. We are a little bit behind but we have been having TONS of fun!
At his 2 month check up we did the normal shots and he was such a trooper. I think I did quite well too. He weighed in at 13lbs 15oz, 90% and he is 24ins. long, 70%.

Here is Westin at 1 Month.

Now at 2 months.

Westin still loves his bouncer, swing, and taking a bath. He enjoys his carseat and sleeps really well in it. He likes to face out when you carry him. He smiles and is almost laughing. He talks to you when you talk to him. He is the happiest in the morning but he really is happy all day long. We started to swaddle him again and he falls right asleep. We also put a blanket next to his face because he snuggles right up to it. He loves his pacifier and is getting much better at keeping it in, thank goodness! The biggest news of all is he sleeps from 11pm-7am. He started this around 9 weeks and we are still going strong! The hardest part about Wesitn is how much he spits up. I am surprised he is gaining any weight, he spits up about 5 times after every feeding and sometimes he spits up all the way up until the next feeding.
We love Westin more and more everyday! We can't imagine live without him!


diana said...

Ooh, I miss him! So does Marley, yesterday at church she was watching the video of him you put on her iTouch. When she somehow got the sound to turn all the way up, I had to snatch it away from her and she started crying, "Westin, Westin"

It was embarrassing, but sweet.

Paul Jessie and Matix said...

ooohh... sorry about all the spit up! yuck! that sounds like no fun. did the dr. say anything about that? hope he is doing well. he certainly is a cute little baby though! :)