04 November 2009

BYU Game in San Diego

We headed down to San Diego with the same group as Disneyland and more!

Westin was loving every minute of the game.

Even when he was asleep. This kid slept through cannons and cheers with no problem!

The Lyons enjoying their new phones instead of the game.

We had some awesome times!

Westin even took 2 naps and talked his Dad into falling asleep with him.

It was like loud noises put him to sleep!

We had a blast and BYU won!

Love our homemade shirts?
Westins came from Toy Bow Tees!


Ruth said...

The pix are great; looks like you guys had a good time. And btw, your nursing boobs are absolutely fabulous! No wonder your doc says you can feed triplets! :)

The Robertson Family said...

He's so cute! Funny how babies can sleep through anything, yet every noise at home can wake them. Oh funny babies!

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Matt didn't really fall asleep did he?

Spencer and Marlee said...

That's funny that Matt fell asleep!! Isn't it so nice that babies can sleep trough just about anything and everything. I Love it!
ps good job on the shirts

The Pritchard Party said...

isn't it amazing what they sleep through?? I swear sometimes the noisier it is the better Hannah sleeps, like she just shuts herself down or something :)