04 October 2010

Corona Del Mar Tide Pools

We took the Lainharts down to the Tide Pools at corona Del Mar. It might be our new favorite beach. One of the most beautiful and the houses along the beach are breathtaking! 

When there is a low tide you can see all sorts of sea creatures...maybe not all sorts but quite a few. 

The families

Sorry Becca, every time I post this picture it comes out with the streaks on it. I'll work on it later.

Isaiah loves the water, but Westin hates it. He bursts into tears when we get close to it.

He does love to dig though.

Recently Westin has been totally in to his Dad. When Matt gets home from work he is all about his Dad. Pushes me away and cries when I hold him. Does it make me sad, a little. 


mrs t said...

Gracie saw the picture of Westin digging and she said, "Aw, cute."

What's the funny face W is making in the last picture with Matt? So funny.

Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

westin is SO big! what a doll. i'm surprised he is scared of the water, since you're living there on the beach (practically)... weird. :)

kelly said...

what a cute family picture of you guys. i love it!