20 October 2011

Hopkinson Reunion - Day 1 & 2

We headed up to the Piggott cabin on Wednesday July 6th, we had an early flight and right away after we left I realized I left my phone on my dresser at home. Major Bummer, and Matt laughed at me.Of course it was fine but all I really wanted was to check the time. I'm lost if I don't know the time, especially in the middle of the night or when we first wake up! Then, going through security at the ever so small Long Beach airport we got our toothpaste and sunscreen thrown away we were on our way. As we are loading the plane I realize we left Westin's car seat in our cart that was being driven back to our house. Great. No big deal, once we landed we met Matthew (my brother) and Matt took the rental car and went to Walmart for the cheap car seat they had. We are now proud owners of TWO car seats. 

The rough day surprisingly didn't end there. We took the 3 or 4 hour drive up to Bear Lake to the beautiful Piggott family cabin. It is massive. A big loft and room upstairs filled with bunk beds for all the Grand kids. A huge and beautiful kitchen with one giant table. Most of the wood furniture was made by my Uncle Scott. Down in the basement was a big great room with 4 bedrooms attached. After we took our tour of the home we enjoyed some zip lining out in the backyard. There was a shorter run and a long one. Matt and I tried the shorter one with success so we jumped on the big one. I must have gone first and was terrified and vowed to not do it again. Then Matt went. Some how he ended up getting thrown off and flipped through the air and hit a big pole, landed up side down. I did a huge scream and within seconds Matt was up and walking around but looked very scared and confused. He hurt his shoulder pretty badly which basically ruined his whole trip. We had lots of fun planned for the up coming week that he wasn't going to be able to participate in. Poor guy was still in good spirits about it. 
After that happened we decided the big zip line should probably not be used. We put the little guys on the zip line, they had a swing like seat. 
Graham loved it,

and so did Dallin.

Then Westin did it. He did not enjoy it.

We still forced him. What a stinker. This is what the rest of the trip looked like. He didn't want anything to do with anyone but Matt or I. I've realized he doesn't like big groups.

Every night we had a devotional, Ruth was in charge on Wednesday. All I remember was it was about prophets and she taught the kids this silly dance.

The next day we went rafting. I think it might have been one of the scariest things I have ever done. It was something that Matt wasn't able to do. We had heard that the water level was really high from all the snow and running really fast. We got up there and the guides said that you could get down the river in about 45 mins and it usually takes an hour and a half. That is half the time my friends. Half the time. I remember some of the names of the sections, like lunch counter (the scariest of them all) and champagne. Luckily we never flipped, the water was freezing. The second time down was way more scary for me, the wind had picked up so it made the water rougher. On the first run my brother Scott turned to the Bryan, who was leading our boat and asked on a scale of 1-10 how crazy these rapids were that we were currently going through. He said something like a 2 or 3. I couldn't believe it. Made me terrified! We had a blast though and we made it through safely.

On our way home, I met Matt at an Urgent care in a town called Montpelier. He got an x-ray which came back with nothing, but we were glad to rule it out. Poor Matt was still in terrible pain.

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