04 April 2012

New Years Eve

We sometimes aren't very good about planning our date nights and New Years Eve was no exception. I was texting the Young Women in our ward that morning (during the bike ride) trying to get someone to watch Westin, Logan & Grayson. We decided on an early dinner and then enjoy some food and friends at home, that way our babysitter could go out with her friends too. 
We tried dinner at an Empanada place but it was closed. Major bummer but then we headed out to another favorite place, El Torito Grill. (Much different then El Torito) Dinner was delicious! We headed home to put the boys in bed and to party.

We played a card game then when the new year rang in we headed outside for some sparklers. Trying to write 2012 with the sparklers. For some reason the sparklers weren't working too well so they kept going out before the camera would take.

Everyone had an item of the night. Fondue, sparkling cider, flashlight, sparklers and I'm not sure what Matt is holding.

Alicia writing her name...backwards

From January, February 2012
I think this says Char.

Pretty sure this is where the flashlight came in.

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