20 August 2012

Belly, New Bed, & Putting Green

27 Weeks, This pregnancy I really enjoyed. I had a very easy time with Westin but this one has been better. I think I felt better about it. I enjoyed dressing up that cute belly.

The end of January we took down the side of the crib in hopes to get Westin used to move out of the crib and into the bed. He did not take it so well. He was much more attached to his crib then we realized.  Putting Westin to bed instantly became a chore and continued to be a nightmare until after baby brother came.
When Westin sleeps he moves a lot, he will sit up and lay down going another direction. This is the reason for the pillows to the side of the bed. He would completely fall off. Also, notice the two pairs of pants on him.

One day while shopping at goodwill we picked up a putting green for Westin. He is in love with it. Uses it so much although he loves to hit it in the water instead of the hole.

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