28 September 2012

Favorite Things

Some of Westin's favorite things are out doors. I think its like that for most kids. 

If we go to the park he begs me to take his golf club. 

February 2

He loves to ride his bike and especially loves when his friends join him.
All these kids live in our neighoborhood and were born within 7 months of each other.

Trains are also starting to hold a special place in his heart.

Ever since he was potty trained Westin has found a love for marshmallows.  Everything he does he feels he deserves a marshmallow. We love them too since its special to him AND "Westin friendly"

Westin loves fruit, bananas are still his favorite but he likes grapes, apples, pears, and watermelon

Frozen Yogurt is another favorite, but this one is a family favorite. I think going to yogurt was a special treat for him being potty trained. He always gets the Hawaiian punch with gummy bears on top.

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