23 March 2008


A couple weekends ago we all went bowling on Saturday night after they helped Matt and I move. Thank you to RaDean

We ahd to wait an hour for a lane to open up but it was well worth it! I don't even know if we tried to pay attention to who was winning. Stacy wasn't doing her best and I do know Alicia beat Scott on the first game!

This BIG chair was in the lounge that also had a bar and pool tables. Matt and Matthew stole a game from someone who had left most of their balls on the table!

So do Scott and I look a like?

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That looks like so much fun! How are you liking your roommates? They seem really cool. And one of them is such a good cook!

The Hatch Family said...

I was so happy to see you guys and I admit it was fun showing off Londyn! Can't wait to see you at the picnic!