09 April 2008

Living life!

This is soon to be me!

Last Thursday was my last day of work! It feels so great! Good luck to my replacement! Why I quit so early you ask....I decided that I had put so much of my studying time into work that I woudl take my last month off so I can focus on my finals! Yep, finals is coming up, the first week in May I will be stepping on the ASU campus for the last time! I am said but how exciting is it to be going to school in California?!

This week I have done lots of homework and done alot of relaxing. Matt comes home on Thursday night and doesn't leave again until Tuesday night! I am so excited and so is he. I think he is a little bored without me there.

I thought Conference was great and really enjoyed listening to all the speakers and especially our new President!

I hope all is well!


The Hatch Family said...

You are one hot surfer! :) You're going to love Cali!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are going to be complete beach bums...especially since you don't have a place to live yet!

Us Bailey's said...

Won't summer be nice! I can't wait- but rather than surfing- I'm a wakeboarder (kind of a must in Idaho!). Good luck in CA I hope you have fun there!


Hey I did get your email but I couldn't go because Jared and I have this other little job we do together. We wash windows and we do it twice a month and we get about $960 for doing it. Its fun I love it and I love the extra money we get. its nice. Man I am so sad that I am going to miss you. Good luck on your finals and moving to california. Love ya