03 April 2008

My First Tag and I Love It!

20 Years Ago ...
1. I was 9 months and a few days old
2. I can't even remember when I was 12 let alone not even 1
3. See above.

10 Years Ago ...
1. I was 10, fancy that!
2. I was in 4th Grade, my teacher was Miss Shappe (sp?) and I was obsessed with boys.
3. I finally had a girl in my Sunday School class, Kaylee was a year older! Rebecca moved in and we were friends ever since!

5 Years Ago ...
1. I was 15, almost 16 SO planning my first date I'm sure
2. I had my best running year!
3. I was trying to get my friends to go to the Saturday Night Dances (no one would ever go)

3 Years Ago ...
1. I was 17 and just about to graduate high school.
2. I was deciding to run in college Go PUMAS!!
3. I went to my Senior Prom, it was probably the worst date I went on.

1 Year Ago ...
1. I was planning a Wedding
2. Planning on quitting Wells Fargo
3. Finding a place to live.

So Far This Year ...
1. Started at ASU!! Woot Woot Go Devils!
2. Decided to move to California
3. Went to my first Suns game

Yesterday I ...
1. Went to school.
2. Trained my replacement
3. Played with Gracie Girl

Today I ...
1. Once again went to school!
2. Went out for my going away lunch
3. Turned in my lap top and phone to work and PEACE OUT!!!

Tomorrow I ...
1. Will go shopping with Stacy and Grace
2. Go to the Temple with my parents
3. DO homework

In the next year I will ...
1. Move to California
2. Transfer to Cal State Long Beach
3. Make new friends in California

I Tag ... Samantha, Marlee, Larissa, Allison, Katelyn and Rebecca!


Anonymous said...

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

my senior prom was about the worst date of my life too. what made your prom so bad

The Hatch Family said...

That was a fun tag! You're post about California saddened me a bit. You're gonna love the adventure though!


Hey! I am not back in school yet and I am not in the nursing program yet. I have to take a few more classes and then I can put my name on the list and take the test. I will be going through banner but I will attend gcc because I live close to it. I didn't have time to tag any one else because I was at work and my boss was there.