29 July 2008

San Diego Fun Day 1

Monday recap: Lots of boogie boarding, surfing, digging in the sand, working(Matt was so fun hiding behind his computer half the day), and this year's new toy - the Island from costco. This humongous flotation device proved to be tons of fun. As the large waves came in they would stand the island up vertical, one time dropping Greg(Christi's Dad) onto Christi, another time launching Zachary(Christi's cousin) from the boat. The only scary part was when Christi was trying to bring Grace in, she had a life jacket, but was too scared and wanted to go in. So first Matthew(Christi's brother) tried to take her in but couldn't stand and got freaked so Christi grabbed her but couldn't stand either. The waves were coming of course and that was so freaky! Christi started yelling help and waving her hands for her family standing on the beach to come help her and they all thought she was fine and just wanted them to come get her so she could go back out. NOT THE CASE! The lifeguard understood her cry for help and came running after her. So basically Grace and Christi were saved by the lifeguard while the family stood to watch!

In the evening we did take some family and couple shots.

Don't worry we are having awesome food!!!

Today was our first beach day in San Diego. We were having so much fun the camera didn't make it out of its case much.


Jenni K said...

Did you cut your hair?! it looks so cute!

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

cute hair

{the hatch family} said...

It sounds like you all are having a blast! I'm sorry about your toe Matt.

Anonymous said...

How come Matt never made me french toast like that?

Anonymous said...

BTW Thanks for saving Grace's life!