29 July 2008

Beach Day 2

Today started out pretty chilly. Everyone was under a blanket or towel. We played a fun wiffel ball game with the whole crew. Matt and I went for a walk down the shoreline and had so much fun jumping and dancing over the ways. We went out to lunch to Hodads in Ocean Beach which is burgers and soooo delicious! By the time we got back the sun was out and shinning and ready for us to play!

Matt had an accident, he got a shovel to his toe. It was really painful for him. This picture is after he got it all cleaned up.

Later that night we went to Belmont Park to enjoy family night and half price rides. We did the roller coaster and Matt enjoyed some other scary ride that I would never touch foot on. (I got sic on rides so easily)

Day 2: Successful

Day 3: We are going to the temple in the morning. It will be my first time in the San Diego Temple and i can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that no one commented on the toe. Send me that picture so that I can blog about it. After all, Chad was involved.