10 February 2009

It's Raining it's Pouring!

Today it is finally sunny out! Since last Wednesday it has rained everyday! Its not just any rain, it was coming down really hard! I think the worst is over, but its supposed to come back this weekend again!

Last night we finally broke down and turned the heater on. Matt decided to close all the doors so that the living room would get all the heat. However when we decided to go to bed I opened the door and it was FREEZING! Matt said it was like an ice chest. Even the carpet was cold to stand on!

Other than that, not much has really been going on! We can't wait until my brother and his wife come over for the weekend. I better bring the camera so we have something to blog about!

Hope life is great!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally broke down and turned on the heater. All that rain is here now. Well, part of it. Ok like a smidgen of it. But we'll take anything we can get!