17 February 2009

Weekend Fun

Matt and I had a great weekend. It was filled with eating, eating and more eating. My Brother Scott and his wife Alicia came into town from Thursday night till Tuesday morning. It was such a great visit and we CAN'T wait for them to come back!

We started the trip out with a visit to the Newport Beach Temple, it was so beautiful there as always!

After the temple we starving so we made a stop at one of our favorite burger joints. TK Burger. I just love their fries and the sauce they make to go with it! Of course it started pouring rain so we just headed home and took a nap. Of course this was after we had to change and put multiple layers of clothes on, it was FREEZING this weekend!

Later that night we headed out to our favorite Frozen Yogurt place. Yo Yum Yum. We love taking our guests there so of course we had to take Scott and Alicia there! They loved it. I think maybe more then Matt and I. They both got bigger cups then us and ate it all! I'm not sure they stopped thinking about this place the whole weekend!

The next day we headed down to Laguna Beach. Matt and I love it down there because its so pretty. The beach is lined with cliffs so it seems a little more intimate.
Here is Alicia at 27 weeks. Doesn't she look so cute!
We definitely had a fun weekend and this was not the end.


Us Bailey's said...

How fun! I want to come and visit! I love your pictures and the beach looks very fun. And, if you want a freezing day I think it was 30 here today-- which was actually an improvement! ;)!!! Good luck!

Randi said...

All your pictures on the beach always look so great! I mean, come on, its the beach.

It looks like you guys are just having the time of your lives out there!