30 March 2009

A full weekend of FUN!

Our weekend was so fun and packed! We started it off with a trip to Disneyland.

Doesn't my hair look fancy! We had just gotten off Splash Mountain and were in line for the Haunted Mansion. The park was packed and we walked around all of California Adventure and didn't ride anything because the lines were too long.

Then on Saturday Morning we washed our cars, the were in desperate need.

We then added shelves to our closet so now all our shoes are off the floor!

Then we headed down to the beach and couldn't believe how many people were there. It was such an awesome day and everyone knew it!

We took a break and watched a movie, then got ready to go out on a DATE! we went to Maggiano's. It was such a delicious place. Probably my new favorite.


Coopers said...

Can you even ride on many of the rides? I guess I don't really know...

britta said...

We will have to try your new favorite place!

Brittany said...

you went on these rides while you were pregnant??

Anonymous said...

Looks like Matt was laying down underneath a urinal.